5 Easy Steps to Start Vaping

If you have heard of vaping, you know that with the right vape juice and device, you can get the satisfaction of cigarettes without the harmful chemicals. There is also a wide variety of flavors to choose from which means you could personalize the experience as much as possible. The vape industry has come a long way in ten years and although the vape kits are now a lot easier to use, there is still a considerable steep learning experience for beginners.

TABlites makes the whole process easy by providing you with all the necessary materials to make your first vape a memorable one.

In this guide, we try to break down the aping experience into simple steps to help make it easy for you to make the switch;

1. Determine the Experience You Want to Have

The first step is to determine the kind of experience you would like to have vaping. The best way to do that is to think about how smoking makes you feel and then use that to design your vaping experience. Vaping is meant to give you the same experience as smoking and the various combinations of vape juice mean that you can specifically tailor that experience to suit your needs.

2. Choose the Device

Once you understand the levels of Nicotine you need to be completely satisfied with the vaping experience, you are ready to choose a vape kit. If you are after a big nicotine hit, you may want to choose a device that uses a heating element with a higher level of resistance. These devices are less power hungry, allowing you to vape juice with high nicotine content. The batteries on these devices often tend to last longer.

3. Choose Your Vape Juice

Because of the many different brands of vape juice, choosing the right kind can be a very dizzying experience. The whole process can be made so much easier by answering two questions; how much nicotine do you need and what is your preferred flavor. Here’s something to consider; if you have chosen a large device that can produce epic clouds, you may want to choose a brand of vape juice that doesn’t have a high level of nicotine. That’s because a larger device combined with high nicotine content vape juice could result in a significantly higher intake of nicotine than you want.

4. Read the Instructions Before Vaping

Take time to read through the instructions on the vaping device before you start vaping. Completing the steps as outlined in the instructions will not only ensure that you get the ultimate nicotine satisfaction but will also ensure that you vape safely. It is also important to read instructions so that you can take better care of the device.

After filling the device with your first vape, it is important to leave it for five minutes to make sure that the coil is covered in the liquid. Once that is done, you are ready to begin your vaping experience.

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