Careprost – A Generic Version of Letisse

Featuring bimatoprost, these increasingly popular eye drops require a prescription before you can buy. Like Letisse, Careprost also promises to take the fluid pressure down. It has a positive impact on the health making them darker and thicker.

Careprost Uses

  • The Ophthalmic Careprost is recommended for the patients suffering from high fluid pressure – a condition called intraocular hypertension – in the eyes.
  • In addition, Careprost (Ophthalmic) is also recommended for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma which is suggestive of the gradually damaged optic nerve, a condition which could lead towards permanent loss of vision.
  • Careprost is also recommended for the patient who suffers from hypotrichosis, a condition suggestive of the loss/shedding of eyelashes. Careprost or Generic Latisse is known for enhancing the length of eyelashes while making them thicker and more visible.

Quick Results

Careprost is well known for the generation of quick results i.e. within 4 hours after the first dose. In the case of eyelash growth and thickening, you’ll see the results within a couple of months.

Red Flags

  • Careprost (Eye Drops) is NOT recommended for anybody below 16.
  • Careprost is NOT recommended during pregnancy. If you find no other option but to use Careprost then the best thing you can do is visiting your eye specialist and family doctor rather than making a blind decision.
  • Careprost, Lumigan, Generic Latisse is NOT recommended during the breastfeeding period. If you can’t wait then you need to visit your doctor and ask for an alternative because your baby’s health has to be the top priority.

Potential Side Effects

  • Blurred/Double Vision
  • Change in the eye color
  • A headache
  • Abnormal hair growth
  • Swelling of the eye
  • Itching of the eye

Women, in particular, can’t resist noticing the impact on the eyelashes so they somehow want to grab this product but believe me this is no joke! First, you can’t have Generic Latisse (Careprost) without doctor’s prescription and secondly, if you try to purchase an alternative – available without a prescription – it may end up in a disaster but online stores are filled with harmful gimmicks.

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