How To Get Rid Of Herpes? Is It Possible In 2018?                        

Many of us already know that genital herpes or herpes type 2 is something that cannot be cured anymore. The virus stays inside you for good, and the only thing that you can do now, is to prevent the virus from triggering outbreaks. Is it the same for oral or mouth herpes?

Mouth herpes, oral herpes, cold sores, or herpes type II, no matter how you want to call it, is unfortunately not curable as well. The virus that causes it will lie on your body cells and will stay there without showing symptoms, but once triggered, the virus will already cause outbreaks.

Medical professionals have discovered that the virus is often triggered by the following:

– Too much stress

– Anxiety and depression

– Low immune system

– Too much sun exposure

The best way to get rid of HSV, in my opinion, is to prevent outbreaks.

– Take time to allow your body to rest.

– Sleep at least 8 hours a day, in order to rest your body and mind, in order to relieve stress.

– Do not worry too much, because worrying too much can cause anxiety. Stay away from things, people, or situations that are causing you anxiety as often as you can, because this will just trigger the virus and cause cold sores.

– Eat right and live a healthy lifestyle to keep your body and health in tiptop condition.

Having a high immune system will help prevent the virus from triggering, and possibly prevent them from multiplying inside you. Avoid too much exposure of the sun. If you can’t prevent yourself from going outside, applying lip balms with proper sunscreen will help. Use a cap or sun visors to prevent the sunlight from touching your skin, particularly on the face. Wear proper clothing too, because you want to protect your overall body from the sun.

Now, in case you already have the sores, some of the best ways to get rid of mouth herpes is to take herbal supplements. Herbal supplements made of sage or sedative violet are very effective in treating cold sores. You can also apply tea tree oil on your sores to help quicken the healing process.

Do not put makeup on your cold sores to mask them. Doing this will just trigger the situation to become worse, and will even look uglier.

Do not scratch your cold sores and allow them to heal. Sometimes, it takes a week or two for the sores to heal. Scratching will just prolong the blisters to crack open, which will also prolong the ugly look of it on your face.

If you cannot tolerate the itching, you can always apply ice. Just make sure that the ice is clean and wrapped in a clean cloth that is not contaminated with dirt or bacteria. You can also eat cold treats like a nice cold drink or ice cream to alleviate the itching of your cold sores so that you can allow it to heal quickly, and get rid of them in no time.

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