Establish A Contact With The Weed Dispensary Before Placing Your Order

If you really want to enjoy the recreational or the medical benefit of marijuana then it is better that you play safe and order your weed to a reliable online store only. Make sure that you check the license and certifications of the store and also check out other details and information provided by the company in their website. The best way is to establish a contact with them before placing your order and know about their business policy, delivery, privacy and pricing even though everything may be mentioned in the home page of the online weed dispensary. It is wise not to take things lying down.

The Contact Details

Often you will find online stores that do not have an office address or a phone number. These stores will have only their email ID and website address to get in touch with. These tools are often ineffective as more often than not you will hardly get any reply from the company. These companies may be local con shop or even situated in a faraway place and hard to get in touch when you may require them the most. Ideally, you must choose a dispensary to order your weed that has an office location and a phone number.

Call Them Up

When you see a phone number mentioned on the home page of the website of the weed dispensary does not make the mistake of considering it to be real. Even if it is, there is no harm in claiming them up to verify facts and separate it from fiction. Ask the person picking up the phone about the product, their procurement process, and delivery system. Also, ask how they track their mail and what their policies are if the product is not delivered at all or delivered in a damaged condition.

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