Music for Yoga, workout and meditation.

Yoga has been practised for a very long time. It was developed approximately 10.000 years ago and is nowadays a global phenomenon.

Workout and fitness is also something people have been doing from the very start of humanity but back then it was a part of peoples’ daily work while gathering food, chopping woods etc. Nowadays, for most people it is something you do on your leisure time.

Some of the earliest signs of meditation is as early as 1500 BCE, as a part of Hindu traditions of Vedantism.

It’s become more and more popular to listen to music while practicing yoga, working out and during meditation. Music helps you concentrate and focus on the practice.
A good beat can help you keep the pace while running, a certain song can evoke memories and strengthen your experiences.
There is undoubtedly a powerful link between music and emotions.

Music can make people feel happy and energetic and encourage you to perform better. A tune can ignite your senses and maybe instinctively your body will start to move or dance.
But also minds that are overwhelmed by emotions of sadness can be positively affected by music and even though music cannot cure, it is certainly capable to heal.

It is no coincidence that the Greeks put Apollo in charge of both medicine and music, there is a strong connection between the two. Doctors say that music can decrease the heart rate, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. It can even reduce stress during surgery.

The composer and music producer Songs Of Eden provides music for Yoga, workout, meditation and for relaxing in general.

The music is used all around the world by many yoga studios, in gym classes, at massage facilities, for meditation centers and is very appreciated for being perfectly composed for those occasions.

The music is available on Youtube and on many streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and on iTunes.

Songs of Eden also provides many longer videos, custom made for the different forms of Yoga, such as Vinyasa, Savasana, Zen yoga and Yin yoga. You can also find videos for relaxing, background music for offices, studying and insomnia.

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