6 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Luxury Drug Rehab

The site of the luxury rehab center may not provide enough information for you to make a decision. This is why you should call the representative and interview him with a list of questions. By asking, you can confirm that the drug rehab is providing the addiction recovery program that you are looking for. The following are 6 questions to ask before joining a luxury drug rehab.

1. How Does the Evaluation Process Work?

The evaluation process must be able to identify the condition of the client accurately in order to craft the right treatment plan. A sophisticated evaluation process is better as it allows the counselor to form a more accurate treatment program.

2. What Patient to Staff Ratio Does the Rehab Have?

Low patient to staff ratio ensures that your loved one will receive adequate attention. You should ask how many staff will be available to attend to his progress and how will they be helping him to reach sobriety.

3. What is the Length of the Drug Rehab Program?

The length of the program plays an important role in the success rate. The longer program gives your loved one more time to adjust to a healthy lifestyle. They will also learn more life skills that help them to cope with temptations in the real world. The inpatient program is recommended for people with serious addiction and not fit to attend meetings on their own. Severe drug addiction can cause permanent damage to the brain which will take a lot of time to recover. Long-term treatment program that lasts for at least 90 days or more will allow the mind and body to heal progressively.

4. Does the Drug Rehab Center Provide a Safe Environment?

The drug rehab center must be located in a safe neighborhood that is free from all kinds of negative influences. It should have a peaceful setting so that the client will be comfortable to settle down and focus on recovery. Luxury drug rehab center is safe for addicts as it is located far away from the city where there are lots of bad influences. It makes the client feels safe by giving them a private room instead of confining them to a hospitalized environment. You can find luxury drug rehab with setting in places like beaches, desert, and mountain region.

5. Does the Drug Rehab Teach Life Skills?

The addict can make a progressive recovery in the rehab center because it is guarded 24 hours and it has a comfortable environment. However, once the addict left the facility, he will have to face with the challenges such as friends who take drugs, parties, and various types of stresses that can put pressure on him to turn to the drug again. For this reason, it is important that the drug rehab center teach some alternative solutions that he can turn to without depending on drugs.

6. Is the Drug Rehab Compatible with My Insurance Provider?

Staying at a luxury drug rehab center is expensive. It can help to offset the cost if the drug rehab will work with your health insurance provider. You must make sure your policy has a provision for the addiction treatment coverage and that you also call your insurance company to confirm it.

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