Is vaping really healthier than smoking? Here are the facts

It’s been asked many times before, is vaping really better than smoking? In the article below we will look at facts and answer this questions so that you are more informed of the benefits and potential pitfalls of vaping vs smoking.

We all by now know that smoking is bad for you. Inhaling any hot air directly into your lungs cannot be good for anyone, further to that, due to the added ingredients to the likes of tobacco you are also potentially inhaling toxic and cancerous compounds. Although just short of half a century ago, smoking was seen as a way to de-stress and relax, even by family doctors, today we are all aware of the dangers to our health of smoking. Smoking cigarettes have been found through many peer-reviewed studies to cause cancer in many regions of the body. Thousands of people have been diagnosed with terminal lung cancers, emphysema, and other respiratory diseases, directly related to smoking.

Vaporizing is a fairly new method of “smoking”. However, it is not technically smoking as you are no longer combusting your tobacco. You are vaping! Vaping is a method of heating up plant matter or concentrates using an internal heating chamber in your vaporizer known as an atomizer. You simply place the herb in the designated oven of your vaporizer and allow it to heat up for a few minutes. Once the required temperature has been reached the herb or e-juice is vaped into small droplets, which you then inhale. The vapor is not hot and is filtered for any unwanted containments such as plant matter. Vaping ensures you have a crisp and clear smoke each and every time, with the added benefit of no dirty smells like when you smoke traditional tobacco. There is no need for full, dirty ashtrays and there is no residue left over. Some vapes come with auto-cleaning mechanisms, while many still need a simple clean every now and again.

Evidence gathered does suggest that vaping is much healthier than smoking. But bottom line is that no vaping or smoking is healthiest. Frequently reported less harmful effects of vaping compared to smoking are shortness of breath, reduced a sore throat, reduced spitting and reduced cough. Many new vaping enthusiasts are also satisfied to admit that their taste and smell come back almost immediately.

There are a couple side effects reported by chronic use of your vaporizer. One potential side effect is “vapers tongue”. This condition is where without warning, flavors usually experienced from the vapor is significantly diminished. Popcorn lung can be caused by long-term use of, especially flavored e-liquids. According to the American Lung Association, popcorn lung causes lung tissue scaring due to inflammation, and this damage could eventually be permanent. Treatments do exist to manage and limit symptoms, but must not be left untreated as it could be life-threatening.

Popcorn lung is, however, a rare condition and has only been identified in very few cases. The facts are that vaping is a far healthier alternative to smoking, and has many medical benefits if consumed in moderation and with the right tools. At the end of the day, not participating in both smoking and vaping – and living in a city with clean air, is your best option.

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