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Losing weight can be quite a difficult job that is tiring both mentally and physically, it requires willpower and the energy to keep going while you limit yourself on the amount energy you can take in. Even if you are able to stick to it for the starting months and notice some progression you could find that in the following months you don’t seem to budge your stubborn belly fat at all and that can be quite hard to take. This is usually one of the main factors that stop people from continuing their healthy diet plans.

Setting a goal

The first step to being successful in your weight loss journey is setting yourself an achievable goal. There is simply no point beating yourself up trying to achieve a body shape or weight in a time frame that simply isn’t possible. You can use a range of exercise calculators to indicate where you’re in terms of your body weight. We would recommend using the BMI calculator to work out where you’re at in terms of body weight. The basal metabolic rate calculator is a good indicator of what fitness level you’re currently at, to understand what level of exercise you should be aiming to achieve. Utilising both of these body performance indicators you should be able to set out an effective exercise plan to go alongside your diet plan, which we will be covering next.

Diet Plan

Though exercise is an important part of weight loss. A healthy diet is, without a doubt, the biggest factor in weight loss and quite commonly a factor that people seem to forget, which is usually why they aren’t successful in their weight loss journey. Diets seem to be made a lot more difficult than they seem, instead of trying to massively cut down on your calorie intake by completely changing your diet you should focus on making small changes that you will be able to maintain. Make a caloric deficit of around 500-700 calls from your current diet.

This can be counted quite easily using free calorie counting apps like My Fitness Pal, start off by inputting your current diet plan to see what your daily intake is for calories as well as your macro intake. This will allow you to see what meals you’re currently eating which are causing you to put on weight and then begin to adjust these to lower your daily intake. For example, changing your lunch from a footlong subway to a healthier brown bread chicken salad sandwich.

Another thing to remember whilst doing this is how active you are on a daily basis, if you’re generally more active I.e. you go to the gym quite often, then you will still need the right macro intake such as consuming the right amount of protein but you can see what changes need to be done to lower your carbohydrate and fat intake.



If you eat meats, you will find these changes to be relatively easy by simply eating more high protein meats and increasing your antioxidant intake through eating more vegetables. If you’re vegetarian the same method still applies as your overall aim is to up your healthy macros like protein and decrease your levels of unhealthy macros like your fats intake. That being said there are some good carbs and fats you need to consume.

Green tea, coffee, and normal tea can be some good additions to your daily intake that can improve your metabolism as well as your weight loss through antioxidants and thermogenesis. They will also provide you with more energy through the caffeine they have within them so that you will feel less fatigue and lower food craving while you’re on your diet.

Another important thing about food diets which I am sure you have heard a lot is that diet food doesn’t have to be boring. There is a range of recipes online as well as foods in stores that are healthy, low calories and have good macro quantities. Look at the nutrition information!

Fat Burners

Fat burners supplements are a useful tool you could consider buying to speed up your weight loss, most top fat burner now uses natural ingredients and come with low risks making them an ideal catalyst for weight loss. However, if you do choose to use a fat burner it is always advised that you heavily research the product first and research the ingredients to ensure that they’re both safe as well as effective. Also, they are by no means a miracle cure, so you shouldn’t purchase a fat burner with the intention of completely skipping out the first two stages of this article as it will simply not work.

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