Raw Modafinil: How Does The ‘Smart Drug’ Help Boost Cognitive Ability

“Brain fog” is a term often used by people who are feeling like they cannot think properly. This usually happens when they are overwhelmed with too many responsibilities that it becomes hard to focus on one specific task. Usually, the result of brain fog is missing a few details that an otherwise clear brain and thinking process can spot right away.

Most people have their own ways of clearing their brain. Some like to go on a run while others go to the gym because it has been proven that exercise is one of the most effective ways to naturally boost cognitive ability. Other ways include having a good night’s sleep or a cup of coffee to reinvigorate the brain.

The Smart Pill

For many who are too busy, these simple brain recharging tactics no longer work. This is where the use of Modafinil enters. Product 68693-11-8 is also known as the smart pill or smart drug is believed to enhance a person’s intelligence while also improving their performance. A review in the European Neuropsychopharmacology found that the nootropic does a lot of good for cognitive function.

Taking the pill improves daily cognitive abilities such as attention span, memory, and ability to learn among many others. This makes Modafinil a very valuable drug for hardworking students and professionals who are having trouble focusing on their list of tasks.

Cognitive Enhancement Isn’t New

The moment Modafinil, 68693-11-8 has mentioned many people frown at it because it is labeled as a cognitive enhancing drug. It has a bad reputation simply because of the word “drug” associated with it. What most people tend to forget is that enhancement of cognitive function and ability is not a new idea at all.

Use of these types of drugs has been documented for more than 100 years because people have always wanted to find ways to increase and boost their brainpower. Famous people such as Sigmund Freud were known to dabble in cognitive-enhancing drugs like his use of cocaine.

What Makes The Use Of This Smart Drug Different?

As we all know today, using drugs such as cocaine brings a lot of ill side-effects, just like Adderall, another commonly used drug that enhances cognitive function. The “smart pill” was once exclusively prescribed for people with narcolepsy, but today it is also known as a wakefulness drug that can be prescribed for people who need it. There are some countries that offer it as an OTC medication.

Warnings Of Use

The smart pill when first tested showed positive results for test subjects. What makes it even better is when compared to other stimulants the drug has a better long-last effect, cuts down the need for sleep effectively, less risk for addiction, and does not alter the mood.

However, just like with any pill this must be bought and taken with caution. It is best to only purchase trusted brands to ensure high-quality products that will not harm the user. Take note that not all smart pills are created equally and when the wrong dosage is taken the risk for side-effects increases. Be careful when choosing the product you or a loved one will take.

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