Brief Introduction to Reasons and Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness usually refers to hair loss on men scalp. It would happen as hormone levels tend to change over the lifetime of man. It would occur especially during the later years.

It has been believed that male pattern baldness would be affecting a huge number of men across the world. Despite it being a natural phenomenon, it would be an aging process for millions of men worldwide. It would be pertinent to mention here that hair loss or baldness has been deemed psychologically distressing for a majority of men.

Unexpected or sudden hair loss could at times indicate relatively more serious health conditions that might need medical attention.

Some quick facts on male pattern baldness

Find below few imperative quick points about male pattern baldness.

  • Male pattern baldness has been known to occur later in life due to changing hormone levels.
  • Hair loss could be psychologically distressing for men. They would look forward to using different treatments for their hair loss needs.
  • Several treatments would be inclusive of medications, light and laser therapies or hair transplant.
  • Other causes of hair loss would be inclusive of infections, nutritional deficiencies, and a few psychological conditions.

Causes of male pattern baldness discussed

Men tend to lose their hair when three major aspects interact: age, hormones, and genetics. It would also be known as androgenetic alopecia, it would occur when hormone levels tend to change over the course of man’s life.

Several kinds of genetic factors would affect the likelihood of male pattern baldness. These aspects would contribute to the gradual shrinkage of the tiny cavities in the skin at the base of hairs. These would popular be known as scalp hair follicles. The hair tends to grow progressively finer and shorter until no new hairs would grow. A majority of men tends to develop some degree of baldness based on their age and genetic conditions.

Men having more first and second-degree relatives losing their hair would be having a higher chance of losing hair on their own.

Major Reasons or Causes for male pattern baldness

It would not be wrong to state that hair loss in men has been associated with prostate cancer, obesity, diabetes hypertension, and high blood pressure. It could occur as a common reaction to stress or any other illness or major surgery.

Hair loss could also be an indication of health condition inclusive of fungal infection, lupus or thyroid problem. Yet other possible causes would be inclusive of:

  • Iron deficiency
  • Excess vitamin A, due to retinoid drugs
  • Malnutrition
  • Severe chronic illness, inclusive of lupus or diabetes
  • Usage of blood thinners or anticoagulants
  • Disturbance of the hair growth cycle or telogen effluvium

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