How I got rid of my stretch mark

Hello, I would love to share how helped and motivated me to get rid of stretch marks. I developed stretch marks during my pregnancy, and after having my baby girl, I was so engrossed in raising her that I didn’t bother to get rid of stretch marks on my body. I had stretch marks on my stomach, breasts, and thigh.

My husband gave me the link to your website and I began my search to get rid of stretch marks. Luckily, how to get rid of stretch marks article was at the top of the page. I clicked on it and read about the factors that led to my stretch marks. Next, I saw how to prevent stretch marks and wished I had read it before or even during my pregnancy.

However, I was comforted when I read the caption: “how to treat your stretch mark”. The remedy was simple solutions I didn’t even think of with easy ingredients I could afford to get rid of stretch marks on my body. I decided to try Castor oil, Cocoa butter, and Olive oil to get rid of stretch marks on my body since they said different solutions work for different people.

Using castor oil and olive oil were easier but, cocoa butter required extra ingredient to make it effective, which was what I needed at the time. I mixed my cocoa butter with beeswax, wheat germ oil, apricot kernel oil, and vitamin E oil. Applying them was the easiest part, I applied them on my stretch marks after bathing, and before going to bed.

After one month of patiently applying your secret ingredients to get rid of stretch marks, my stretch marks began to fade. Gradually at first, then after three months, my stretch marks disappeared. I am most grateful for helping me get rid of stretch marks on my body and regaining my confidence and body again.

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