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Alive Holistic Health center offers IVF acupuncture treatment for both men and women in Toronto. Our healthcare specialist pin-point and heal a range of medical needs. Acupuncture uses the power of Chinese medicine to naturally mend an abundance of afflictions. Listed are the acupuncture services and benefits our practitioners offer.

Acupuncture for fertility and women’s health can heal afflictions from menstrual cycles and improve pregnancy rates through natural medicine. By targeting endocrine channels, pregnancy acupuncture stimulates hormones and boosts reproductive health. Our holistic therapy sessions promote relaxation and soothe hormonal imbalances by adjusting bodily chemicals like estrogen and progesterone. The end results from acupuncture sessions are improved egg quality and balanced hormones. Men’s reproductive and physical health is a prime specialty along with women’s fertility!

Sports injuries, erectile dysfunction, and other forms of bodily strain are commonly cured by IVF acupuncture. Similar to how acupuncture re-routes the chemistry of women’s reproductive health, fertility, and endocrine treatment can benefit men, too. Dead sperm or impotency are often caused by deficient testosterone and imbalanced chemistry. Acupuncture for men’s fertility is a non-invasive and relaxing process aimed to improve energy and lifestyle. Alive Holistic Health Center offers specialized, personally tailored acupuncture services to people in the Toronto area. Call or contact us today to learn more about IVF for fertility.

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