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Axelrad Clinic is a leader in herbal and acupuncture therapy for residents in Houston, Texas. Since 2004, our holistic healthcare specialists have provided individualized and highly effective treatment for a variety of psychological and physical ailments. Our custom-built therapies use IVF acupuncture to treat hormonal imbalances and improve fertility.

Stress from daily life affects more than just one’s mindset, but the body as well. Acupuncture and ancient Chinese medicine cleanse stress-causing bodily agents that can compromise energy levels and reproductive health. To enliven moods and enhance well-being holistically, our health care specialists pin-point centers in the endocrine system and re-route the flow of hormones. Instead of introducing chemicals and hormones to the body, acupuncture and herbal medicine operate naturally. The Axelrad Clinic has a superb track record of treating fertility-related issues—listed are the methods for our success!

Whether you believe acupuncture for fertility to be magic or a valid health care practice, there is a scientific basis to it. Fertility and a healthy reproductive system are influenced by chemicals like estrogen. The body operates collectively with diet, exercise, and rest contributing to well-being. The hectic activities of daily life can distract from proactively seeking balance, so acupuncture for fertility works to rejuvenate fertility and pregnancy issues. Axelrad Clinic’s healers improve the lifestyles of Houston people seeking treatment for a variety of health-related problems. Visit our website or schedule consultation to find support and coaching today!

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