7 Benefits of Aquatic therapy that will help you to boost Muscle Performance.

Serious injury, illness, or surgery may cause physical weakness. One of the best ways to recover and regain your physical strength is physical therapy. Physical therapy will help you with easy mobility and fitness and reduce the pain in your muscles. There are different types of physical therapies treatments. In this article, we are focusing on the Aquatic Therapy or the pool therapy. You can Aquatic therapy or Pool Therapy in Physical rehab centers like Preferred Rehab. Physical Exercise in water benefits in several ways from building the muscle tissue strength to the range of motion and many more. Below is the list of some benefits of Aquatic or Pool therapy.

1. Dulled Sense of Touch

When the body is continuously under the pressure of water, the skin and muscle nerves connecting the nervous system will automatically dull the reticular system that deals with the tactile sensory neurons. The result of this will help to dull the muscle pain and also helps in ease muscle movements. The movement if the injured muscle is one of the painful procedure, but aquatic therapy or pool therapy helps in reducing the pain during the muscle movements.

2. Rebuilding the muscle memory

The viscosity and water pressure provides force the body to move more slowly, which makes the muscles and brain to process the action slowly and brain process it the signal of the muscles more thoroughly to produce the movements. It is very beneficial for the patients going through the neuromuscular and similar impairments. Due to smooth muscles movements in the water, it helps in the muscle movements and builds the muscle memory.

3. Easy Access

As compared to other physical therapies, where the therapist only works with one plane of your body. But in the pool therapy, the therapist works with all parts of your body and swims around you and helps you in exercise. You can find pool therapy in Preferred Rehab center which helps in speedy recovery of muscle movements.

4. Improved Circulation

The Water used in the pool therapy is kept warmer than average temperatures which promotes the improved blood circulation. Also, the hydrostatic pressure of water holds the heart under constant pressure.

5. Muscle Relaxation

The improved blood circulation due to warm water helps to carry lactic acid away from the muscle and ease the soreness. Aquatic therapy helps in reducing the soreness of the muscles and provide muscle relaxation.

6. Massage

When you move in the warm water during the aquatic therapy, the molecules of the water flow in current and act as the natural massage. Also, the therapist will treat you using the equipment like water paddles and aquatic gloves giving you the gentle current on the specified areas of your body to promote healing and muscle relaxation.

7. Fun Environment

It provides the treatment in the pool which is a more friendly environment which promotes the positive vibes during the treatments and reinforcing environments. The Positive Pool therapy by Preferred Rehab will surely give you the lighthearted atmosphere during the healing process.

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