Denver DOT Physical Exams

The U.S. Department of Transportation physical exams (DOT) helps all drivers with regulatory requirements.

Quick and Convenient

This is quick and convenient physical exam that helps commercial drivers to fulfill regulatory requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT).  For those with tight schedules, our quick and convenient physical exam will help commercial drivers fulfill the regulatory requirements of the DOT, and the Department of Public Safety (DPS).


All drivers of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers, hydraulic, and hoisting licenses or obligated to have a DOT medical exam every two years.

Injury care

Injury care with the emphasis on communication between all the parties is an integral part of our services also.  Having an injury provider care who emphasizes an early return to work is imperative.  Midtown Occupational Health Services has the capability to combine physician care with onsite rehabilitation services for a team approach to provide cost-effective treatment.

Making preparations

  • Have all information ready for your appointment –

When you have everything you need to meet all the requirements and standards, you should be finished with the DOT Physical Examination have your new Medical Certificate in hand and finished in about 45 minutes.  You will need the following:

  • Medications –

    List all prescription medications that you take regularly, including strength and dosages. If you regularly take over-the-counter medication, such as allergy or antacids pills, list them for your physician’s records on you.

  • Contact information –

    Please have the address and names and phone numbers of your doctors.

  • Forms –

    To save your time at the office it is recommended that you print out and fill ahead of you your visit for the Medical Examination Report.

  • Arrive wearing comfortable clothes –

    Check in at the front desk. The practitioner will perform the examination, including:

  1. Review of a health history;
  2. A simple physical exam including weight, height, blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing, eyes, ears;
  3. Urine test – not a drug test;
  4. They will help complete your Medical Examination Report for Commercial Drivers fitness Determination form and a Medical Examiner’s certificate as appropriate. You will take the completed documents with you;
  5. If necessary, they can fax the DOT physical form and certificate to your company.

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