How to Know if I Should Be Seeing a Podiatry Specialist Instead of My Family Doctor

An ankle or foot injury can be painful and if left untreated could lead to more significant issues. If you have injured your foot or ankle, you might think you can just schedule an appointment with your family doctor. However, it is beneficial to see a podiatry specialist instead.

What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is defined by the American Podiatric Medical Association as a physician and surgeon who treats the foot, ankle and other related parts of the leg.

Why a podiatrist?

Podiatrists have gone through years of specialized training focusing on the feet and ankles. Since feet are crucial to our overall health and also very complex, seeing a specialist in this area is the best way to ensure you will receive expert care. A podiatrist is also a surgeon, so if you do end up needing surgery, your podiatrist can perform it. Your family doctor doesn’t have as much knowledge and training with feet and ankles as a podiatrist does.

Podiatrist training

Just like other doctors, a podiatrist attends a 4-year university then goes on to attend 4 more years of school, but unlike other doctors, they attend podiatric medical school, specializing in the foot and ankle. After that, they go on to 3 years of hospital residency training.

What does podiatrist treat?

Suffering from a Jones fracture or ankle sprain? A podiatrist can evaluate much different foot and ankle injuries. Any foot or ankle injury should be evaluated right away to prevent the injury from worsening. One of the most common injury podiatrist sees are ankle sprains. Impacting one or more ligaments in the ankle, ankle sprains usually occur on the outside of the ankle. If an ankle sprain is not treated right away, it could lead to discomfort, pain, instability, and weakness in the legs. Most people think ankle sprains are no big deal, but more times than not, they are more severe than you may think, especially if you have torn a ligament or fractured a bone.

The Foot and Ankle Center of Arizona

Looking for a top podiatrist Scottsdale? A reputable podiatrist will be board certified, have undergone advanced training and clinical experience, focusing on the feet and ankles. The staff at the Foot and Ankle Center of Arizona offers effective treatments for foot and ankle injuries like ankle sprains, Achilles tendon injuries, Jones fractures and more.

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