Common Expectation for First Time Visit at a Medical Spa Facility

It does not matter if you wish to get a medical graded cosmetic procedure or a facial. You can possibly visit the medical spa facility. Medical spa facilities are operated under physician care and license. It is a mixture of day spa and medical office.

Medical spa treatments are conducted with modern equipment that is stronger and shows dramatic visible results. It is totally different then pampering and relaxing treatment method. People can benefit from evading invasive surgery option.

Expectations for first-time visit to a medi-spa facility


As you check-in, there will be a need to fill a questionnaire, which includes medical history. It allows the professional to serve better.

The experts will wish to know and understand your treatment goals as well as the results you expect. You can ask questions and clear doubts, during a consultation. The treatment may not be possible on the same day. There will be many aspects to consider, for example, clients using aspiring a week before may not be eligible for injectables. Chemical peel treatment needs to be postponed because a client used Retin-A currently.

Treatment options will converse on the basis of your goal. If there are any steps needed to be done, procedure duration, and expected recovery time will be also discussed. All treatments are non-invasive; recovery time for each person will differ.

As soon as the package and other detailed information are passed, the treatment will be performed on the scheduled date. You will be informed about any kind of necessary precautions that need to be taken

What is important for the first time a customer is to feel comfortable and ask questions without any hesitation. Some people have undergone treatments several times, so they don’t need consultation.


Basically, the ambiance is similar to a traditional spa but a few of them feature themed interiors, inviting furniture, soothing music, and even complimentary refreshments.


Medi-spas don’t have amenities like salt water pools, Jacuzzi, showers, sauna & steam rooms. The goal of a traditional spa is relaxation but at medispa it is results. There are no locker rooms at the medispa, so valuables have to be left at home.

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