Absolutely Everything You Need To Know Before Going Blonde At Home

Tips and Pictures To Achieve a Blonde Hair Color You Love!

Everyone, at least once in their lives, wonders what it would be like to change their hair color. While there are numerous colors to choose from, you, like many others, may opt for blonde. This was my decision and I’ve never been happier with my color. In this article I will share tips for going blonde that I have acquired over much too many years of coloring.

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For a woman, blonde Longest Lasting Hair Dye Unnatural Colors is like an accessory you can never take off. While it does require upkeep, (the darker your natural color, the more the work) if you can manage to find a shade of blonde you love it is definitely worth it.

First Decision

Home or At the Salon?

This is a decision about going blonde that requires consideration of many factors. While I’m sure you’ve heard more times than you can count that out-of-a-box-blonde will never give you a desirable color.

I’m here to refute that myth. I’m not going to tell you that electing the box option is the easier option because it’s not. Your chances of being disappointed with your color and shade are considerably higher than going to the salon.

However, as many of us know, going to the salon every 4-6 weeks and spending $100s just isn’t an option. Thankfully, you CAN achieve a blonde color you love without that large salon price tag.

The Golden Rule For Hair Coloring At Home


This rule is the key to obtaining your desired blonde. Don’t take this statement to mean that you cannot attain a blonde hair color any lighter than two shades above what you have now.

What it means is that before your first dying, you should select a blonde tone that is no more than two levels lighter than your current hair color. The average permanent store bought color lasts for three months. So, roughly three months following your first coloring you should purchase a tone that is two levels lighter than your new color. Repeat the process until desired lightened shade of blonde is achieved.

Important Note: You should base your next level up in color on the actual color of your hair, and NOT the color the box claims your hair will turn out. How light your hair becomes following a coloring depends on how light your hair was before you dyed it.

As you might imagine if you are beginning with a medium shade of brown hair color this process could take quite a long time to complete. Unfortunately, it can’t be rushed without the probably of ending up with a brassy orange shade of blonde. So if you want to be very blonde, very quickly then the salon is the best option for you.

Choosing The Correct Blonde Shade For You

Why Is It Important To Know Your Skin Tone?

The most beautiful blondes are people who have found a tone that suits their particular skin coloring. The first step in deciding what would suit you best is making the distinction between a “cool” or “warm” skin tone.

The quickest way to work out if you’re warm or cool is to take a look at the veins in your arms while in natural light. If the color looks green then you are warm. If it’s blue then you are cool.

If you are cool:

You should choose blonde hair colors with the word ash or cool in them. You should avoid colors with gold, yellow, red or bronze tones in them.

Eye color also influences how well a shade of blonde will mesh with you.

If your eyes are…

Blue or green: you can use shades with cool and ash tones, from beige to sandy blondes.

Hazel: choose medium brunettes and then add gold highlights.

If your skin tone is cool and you’re a natural blonde you can wear the lightest shades of blond like platinum to ash blonde

If you are warm:

Your natural skin color (no makeup or tan) is one of these: peaches and cream, pale with gold undertones, brown with pink undertones, brown with golden undertone, pale with peach or gold undertones, freckled or reddish, rosy or ruddy.

You should choose colors with the word gold, beige, sun, or honey in them. Rich golden blond shades are perfect for warm tones. Use warm gold or red highlights. Also, avoid any hair color with the word ash in it.

If your eyes are:

Hazel, blue or green: If you’re natural color is medium blonde to light brown try adding golden or light highlights to bring out the best shade for you.

Dark brown or black: You can wear the very dark colors including black, medium to dark browns, or golden browns.

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