How to Tell If You’re Buying from a Reputable Online Pharmacy

The rise of online pharmacies has enabled patients to easily access their prescriptions from the comfort of their own home. Door to door delivery has eased the process of repeat prescriptions and allowed users to get on top of their dosage whilst enjoying their increased amount of free time. However, the rise of users has also been met with a rise in rogue companies trying to benefit from this trend. Irreputable online pharmacies try to sell you prescription medicines at prices far lower than normal, sometimes without even asking for a valid prescription. This could lead to you purchasing counterfeit prescription medicines that have not been subject to strict medicinal quality control tests. Not only does this mean that the prescription you bought may not help your condition, it also means that the prescription medicine itself may cause you harm. Identifying online pharmacies that are operating illegally and potentially harmful to you is a must when buying prescription medicine online. Here we list some key things to beware when searching for a reputable online pharmacy.

Things to beware

  • Valid Prescription

Any website that doesn’t require you to provide a valid prescription from your health care provider is not operating legally. It is a legal requirement for prescription medicine to only be given with the correct accompanying prescription.

  • Price

Low prices are tempting, but one should be wary. Lower than usual prices suggest that the medicine is not genuine. Prescription medicine has strict quality control testing and therefore all supplies will be sold at a similar price to reflect this. If a website is selling a medicine at a seriously discounted price, then it is likely the medicine is not genuine.

  • Ingredients

Look for the descriptions of each medicine. Does the medicine have the same active ingredient as your normal prescription medicine? Does it have the same amount of that active ingredient? Unfortunately, illegal online pharmacies can lie but it is of the upmost importance that you do not buy medicine that differs greatly from your usual prescription.

  • No Street Address

If the company you are purchasing from does not provide a street address, it is likely that they are not reputable. Reputable companies have offices and warehouses from which they conduct their business. These will be in the public eye and in the eye of law enforcement is complying with regulations. If a company is acting illegally it is normal for them to try keep their operations as invisible as possible.

Now you know what to look out for when searching for a pharmacy online, you can make an educated decision about where to purchase your prescription from. There are also many options for those outside the U.S. who look for drugs that are on the U.S. market – check out

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