Do’s and Don’ts after a Face Lift

Toronto is fast becoming one of the top cities for cosmetic surgery. However, after a facelift, Toronto patients must adhere to certain guidelines regarding their recovery period. There are activities that they’re prohibited from doing, as well as things that they need to do for a successful operation and recovery.


  • Listen to your doctor. They will give a set of instructions and it is best if you have it written down so you won’t forget.
  • Give yourself at least one full day of complete bed rest after the surgery. If you’re not yet ready to move around on the 2nd day, then don’t push yourself.
  • When enough time has passed that it’s alright for you to wear makeup, buy new makeup products and application tools. Using new products reduces the risk of infection.
  • Set up an appropriate skin care routine, if you don’t have one already. Discuss with your doctor the best skin care products for your skin type. Buy sunscreen, moisturizers, and cleansers. Just because you had a facelift doesn’t mean you no longer need to take care of your skin. In fact, you should be even more conscientious about taking care of your skin now that you know about the consequences of inadequate skin care.
  • Practice proper sun protection. You should use sunscreen with SPF 15-40 for the first year at the very least. Apply your sunscreen even when it’s cold or overcast.
  • Only resume your regular daily activities when you’re comfortable enough to do so. In general, that’s about two weeks for most patients though that may differ in your case.
  • Try walking regularly after your cosmetic surgery to avoid blood clots. Just don’t forget your hat and sunscreen. You can maybe start with a walk of about 15 minutes, and then you can gradually increase the time to 30 minutes.


Here are the instructions on what you’re not supposed to do after your facelift procedure:

  • Don’t try to take care of small children alone. It’s better if you have another adult in the house to help while you’re recovering from surgery.
  • Avoid heavy lifting. If you forget and lift something heavy, you may end up with a hematoma that’s due to damage to your blood vessel capillary, vein, artery, or wall.
  • Don’t smoke cigarettes, or consume any form of tobacco at all. In fact, even if you’re not recovering from a facelift you should know enough to quit. But smoking is especially bad for recovering facelift patients because the nicotine in tobacco restricts blood flow. Smoking is so bad that your surgeon probably told you to quit even before your surgery.
  • Until the swelling has gone away, don’t do any strenuous activities. You have to avoid vigorous exercise for at least 4 to 6 weeks. A high heart rate can lead to swelling, bruising, and even more serious complications.
  • For the first week or so, don’t apply any makeup. The healing incision sites may discolor as a result of the makeup you apply. The motion and the pressure you apply when you put on makeup also causes irritation to your face and it can have a negative effect on the recovery of your skin. If you can’t go out of the home without makeup, don’t go out at all.
  • For the next few days after the surgery, don’t wash your hair.
  • Also for the first 48 hours or so, don’t exert yourself.

Print this out, and keep a copy of it with you at all times.

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