Drug & Alcohol Screening: Why They Are Needed For Your Employees

Modern businesses are faced with a number of challenges. Some issues such as sales and marketing are visible variables while others remain hidden. One example is the potential impact that drugs and alcohol can have on the workplace. This is why instituting the proper screening procedures is absolutely essential. What are some of the main benefits behind such methods and why should businesses adopt a professional platform? Let us take a look at some very real concerns that management needs to address from the very beginning.

The Issue of Productivity

One of the most notable impacts of illicit materials involves how they can affect in-house productivity. Employees who regularly consume drugs and alcohol are much more likely to exhibit a poor work ethic. This will inevitably translate to the core operations of the business in question. Administering the proper screening techniques will ensure that addictions will not remain “under the radar”.

The Financial Impact of Drugs and Alcohol Within the Work Environment

Another major concern for any business involves the financial impacts associated with drugs and alcohol. Employees tend to miss more days; causing the company a great deal of money over time. It should also be mentioned that employees who regularly use such substances are less likely to perform at optimal levels; leading to lost clients and less revenue generation.

These potential issues have not fallen upon deaf ears. This is why the amount of money spent on drug and alcohol screening will increase by nearly 40 percent to an estimated £231 million pounds in 2019 (1). As these methods are adopted by more businesses in the future, this figure is nearly certain to increase.

Safety and Security

Some industries are associated with more danger than others. It should, therefore, be clear that screening for drugs and alcohol is absolutely essential in specific sectors such as:

  • Construction and demolition
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Medicine and healthcare

Should an accident occur, the business is likely to be held fully responsible. This could result in severe consequences such as lengthy legal litigation, lawsuits and even a complete cessation of operations. Let’s also not forget to mention that the reputation of the firm in question will be irreparably damaged.

Responsible Levels of Accountability

Regular drug and alcohol screening is also an excellent way to promote a greater sense of accountability within the workplace. Simply stated, employees will be less likely to engage in such behavior if they are unaware of when the next test will occur. The best way to avoid any unfortunate incidents is to initially prevent them from taking place.

Do you hope to provide your business with an extra level of protection? Have you been less than satisfied with substandard screening services in the past? If so, do not hesitate to contact Health ScreenWe provide a host of occupational health services and we will be happy to explain the details of our screening options.


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