Fitness is as important to a healthy body feel like eating and sleeping. Regular endurance training keeps the cardiovascular system going and promotes fat burning. Targeted strength training not only ensures a firm stomach or firm buttocks but can also counteract and prevent complaints such as back pain. Whether it is preferable to work out in the studio or at home, whether searching for equipment for physiotherapy or even set up a complete gym.

For fitness equipment training, there is a large selection of different fitness equipment. Depending on the model, the device either improves endurance or builds muscle.

Here is some fitness equipment I have found helpful from a fitness equipment store near me.


For an effective running and sprint training in the home, a treadmill is the optimal fitness equipment. The horsepower is given in horsepower (PS) and should be at least two horsepower to be suitable for higher intensities.

In order to have enough freedom of movement during running, the tread must be correspondingly large:

Length = 120-150 cm

Width = 40-50 cm

On a treadmill, the joints are similarly stressed as when running outdoors – so to reduce the risk of injury, it is advisable to wear running shoes on a treadmill. It is also important not to exceed the maximum load capacity of the fitness equipment. For many treadmills, this is between 100 and 150 kilogram

1. Ergometer

The fitness equipment resembles a bicycle that can be trained in a way that is easy on the joints and which is suitable for every type of training due to a large number of different stress levels. It is recommended for cardiovascular training which can divide the force well

An ergometer is about 110-160 cm long and 40-60 cm wide.

The following aspects are important for an ergometer:

  • The seat should be adjustable so that it can always set the most comfortable sitting position with a few simple steps.
  • The drive system is responsible for a smooth, smooth and, above all, noiseless concentricity – above all high-quality ball bearings are important here.

2. Rowing machine

The rowing machine (also: “rowing machine” or “rowing ergometer”) is the all-rounder among fitness equipment: it effectively combines endurance and strength training. By stressing the entire body, almost all muscle groups can be trained. Especially the muscles around the legs, shoulders, arms, and back are strengthened when using a rowing machine.

  • Effective whole body workout: muscle building and fat burning
  • High-calorie consumption
  • Well suited to strengthen back muscle

3. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are ideal for building muscle mass quickly and effectively – they are the most important component for strengthening the upper body. Dumbbell exercises are free to practice: this means that one can perform the dumbbells without the posture being supported and stabilized by fitness equipment. Therefore, in addition to a back and joint-preserving posture, targeted and thoroughly executed sequences of movements are all the more important.

4. Barbells

A barbell is not as flexible as a dumbbell – but its advantage is that it makes coordination and stabilization easier. Even exercises like bench press are more comfortable with a barbell than with dumbbells.

5. Cross trainer

The cross trainer is considered one of the most effective exercise equipment for endurance-oriented training. Unlike the treadmill and the ergometer, the cross trainer actively involves the upper body in the training, allowing a moderate total body workout. With different load levels, the device is very well suited for balanced bodybuilding.

If your question has been, can I get all these from a fitness equipment store near me? Yes, you will.

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