Brand Name and Generic Name and the Differences in Pricing

Generic Artvigil is the exact antilog of the branded medication Artvigil also known as Nuvigil. It is a medication to promote wakefulness or rather a smart drug used for managing sleepiness in those who suffer from narcolepsy, do shift work, and have chronic fatigue or obstructive sleep apnea. Besides helping with these problems, this medication is also used to improve the ability in ADHD to focus, help in depression and off-label for someone who feels the need to boost energy and productivity.

Brand name

Artvigil is the brand name and is registered for a medicinal agent called Armodafinil which was developed and approved in the early 2000s. This substance is enantiopure, a copy of an alternative drug known as Modafinil. The main indications for using this drug were mentioned in the above paragraph. But there are many individuals who do not have any diseases or conditions which this medication was developed for. But they still enjoy its wakefulness-promoting and cognitive function improving the effect.

Not approved

Although the medication is not officially approved for development of better focus, memory, speed of thought, capacity to make decisions quickly and more, it is widely used for purposes by people from around the world. It is used for this purpose by air forces and military in order to make their officers always be prepared even when having been deprived of sleep.

This medication can make a person fully awake and energetic for 10-12 hours when they have not had sleep for 2 days straight. This feature is amazing and is not a side effect since needed by those patients with narcolepsy who feel they have been deprived of sleep so many hours every day of their life. They are unable to live a normal life without medication that is wakefulness-promoting such as Artvigil. But considering that they are fated to take medication for their entire life, it is only reasonable to believe that they want to buy the generic Nuvigil which is much cheaper than the medication that is branded.

Generic Nuvigil

This generic is an exact copy of the branded drug simply made by another company. It is practicable for other firms to make the same drug and sell it though under a different name since the policy established by the World Health Organization on generic medications. It provides all branded medications once the exclusive patent for their manufacturing as well as selling off their development expires, are obliged to give out their formula to other drug companies in order that they would be able to make the same medication.


This policy that was introduced to make drugs invented in the developed countries able to be attained and afforded for those in the developing countries since the prices for the medication in those countries differ greatly. The manufacturers from these developed countries can set higher prices for their products even if they are unreasonable since no one controls this process. People from the western countries on average have incomes much higher than those from developing countries so they can pay so much for the pills. Generic medications in their turn poise the likelihoods for a modern and effective treatment for people from various countries and levels of income.

Online pharmacy

So, they go to online pharmacy such as RxShopMD where they can not only get a break on the generic prices for this medication but in some cases saves on shipping also. For the medication talked about in this article buying 120 pills, a person can save almost 50{fb9a4be0d6494174e6be9660e119e25a878ea9b5c7f2169440a84f81fc131373} of the brand pricing.

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