Fight Sleepiness during the Day with Modafinil

Sleep is an important part of a person’s routine. There is a natural circadian cycle functioning in the human body that determines the sleep-wake pattern. Due to several reasons, this pattern gets disturbed. The result of this disturbance is – uncontrolled sleepiness during the day.

Why sleepiness during the day is caused?

All human beings are supposed to sleep during night and stay awake and alert during the daytime. This pattern does get disturbed if something is unusual with the routine of the person. For example, people juggling through night shifts and day shifts at work find it difficult to adjust the body according to the changing work hours. Other common reasons for disturbance of sleep-wake cycle are:

1. Pregnancy:

Women keep awake during night due to bulging belly and discomforts caused due to it. They tend to sleep during the day to make up for the requirement of rest that the body needs.

2. Travelling through different time zones:

While travelling through different time zones, people find it difficult to maintain their sleep-wake rhythm.

3. Hormonal imbalance:

Melatonin is a hormone that secretes especially during the dark and induces the feeling of tiredness. If there is irregularity in the secretion of this hormone, the person can tend to feel sleepy during the day.

4. Some syndromes:

Irregular sleep-wake syndrome is caused due to neurological disorders common to the old age. People with apathy that occurs during old age also experience disturbance in sleep-wake pattern and show extreme sleepiness during the day.

How sleep-wake cycle can be restored

Sleep-wake cycle can be restored if the problem is tackled on time. Doctors start with maintaining the sleep diary of the person. At the time of sleep, certain steps are taken. These steps include dimming down the lights and letting the person sleep in the place with minimal distractions. This is an activity restricted to the sleep time.

Some people are advised to take Modalert. This is a medicine that is prescribed to induce wakefulness and agility in the person during work hours. Also, it is helpful in managing disorders like obstructive sleep apnea. The effect of this medicine can be seen in the form of:

  • Better cognition and awareness during work
  • Better brain power and thinking ability
  • Reduction of feeling of fatigue

People can find this medicine by the name of Modafinil too. This medicine is not addictive and is quite useful for profiles where long working hours are common affair. Doctors, actors and other performers are given this medicine to cope with the demands of their occupation. Apart from curing these disorders, the medicine is effective in kicking away the addictive substances too.

These drugs can be ordered online at RXShopMD at best rates. But, one should definitely discuss the usage with doctor as it can interfere with the action of a variety of anti-depressants, birth control pills, anti-coagulants, anti-seizure tablets and others.

Other ways of regulating sleep pattern include setting a proper work schedule, supplementing the melatonin deficiency, and sleeping in dark and silent areas.

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