Many Consider These Earbuds to Be the Best for Workout and Exercise

The ASMOTIM True Mini Wireless Earbud 5.0 are considered by many to be the best earbuds for using while exercising.  Anything that helps with your running or workout is good for your health.  Here are the instructions for first time wearing these earbuds

Brand new

1. First, open the charging case – Pull out the charging case as the signs show in the instruction that comes with them.

2. Charge first – Before using these earbuds for the first time, put the headphone back into the case for charging using the Micro USB cable for charging.

3. Turning on or turning off – Power on: keep touching the touch ring area on both sides for about 3 seconds, until the green light flashes, with an indication voice ‘Power On’. Power off: keep touching about 8 seconds on both sides to shut down and the green light will stop flashing, with indication voice ‘Power Off.

4. The light in the touch ring area – There are two various modes: A Breathing light mode (the light is flashing like it is breathing); To stop touch the ring area for about 5 seconds to change stop flashing.

5. Play time 3-4 hours.

6. Bluetooth Name: X9.

The main functions include:

  1. IPX5 is waterproof (protecting stuff from water from any direction);
  2. Touch to control;
  3. Wireless Bluetooth.

Where to find

These earbuds can be found at almost any of the larger electronic chain stores as well as online at Amazon.  And those people who have bought many wireless headphones or buds in the past say that these are some of the best made.  They fit comfortably in the ears and can be worn without any problems.  They have a modern and cool design, light as well as easy to pair with any other device that is Bluetooth ready. Quality of the sound is solid and clear.  It comes with a modern charging case that is fully charged case provides you 3 to 4 times fully charge to your headphone. Most liked is the feature of touch to operate the headphones.

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