The Common Mistakes of Inhaler Users and Their Effects

The people who suffer from asthma use inhalers so that their medicines can directly reach their lungs. The proper use of an inhaler can minimize the side effects such as a sore throat, and RXShopMD help you to manage the symptoms adequately. Proventil can be used with the inhaler for the treatment of asthma and high potassium levels in the blood.

However, many patients continue to suffer from asthma because of the improper use of the inhaler. It may lead to decreased bronchodilator response in them. Severe errors in the use of inhalers imply that they might not receive the dosage of the prescribed medicine.

Here are the typical errors made by the asthma patients while using an inhaler:

  • Not breathing out entirely before the use of inhaler: It is essential to exhale fully before using the inhaler.
  • Inhaling the medicine quickly: You should inhale the medication slowly. If there is a whistling sound, then you might be inhaling the dose quickly.
  • Slumping: When you sit upright or stand, you allow the lungs to inhale and exhale to their full capacity.
  • Using a vacant inhaler: You should request a refill from your medical practitioner when thirty doses are remaining.
  • Not priming or shaking the inhaler: It is essential for you to shake the inhaler canister up to 15 times so that the medication can be useful. If you are using a new inhaler, you should prime it by releasing up to 4 test sprays. If the inhaler has not been in use for many weeks, then you need to prime it again before using it.
  • Improper positioning of the head: If your head is positioned too forward or backward, your medicine cannot reach your lungs. Ensure that your head is in the normal position during inhalation.
  • Teeth or tongue is obstructing the opening of the inhaler: You should place your inhaler beneath your top teeth just above your tongue so that they do not hinder your inhalation.
  • Aiming inhaler at the tongue or roof of the mouth: The inhaler should be directed to the back of your throat enabling the medicine to reach the air passageways directly.
  • Not keeping the mouth tight around the inhaler: While using the inhaler, ensure that your lips are tightly closed around the inhaler to prevent the air from escaping.
  • Spraying many doses of inhaler into spacer at once: Make sure that you spray only one puff for each breath. Exhale completely before inhaling. After inhaling, release your breath only at a count of 10.
  • Not using a spacer with metered-dose inhaler: A spacer enables an adequate amount of medicine to reach your lungs. So, you should put your inhaler in the spacer.

Effects of wrong inhaler usage

If you are using your inhaler in the wrong way, it may trigger the symptoms of asthma. Here are some effects of wrong inhaler usage:

  • Gasping for breath while climbing stairs
  • Constant asthma triggers
  • Oral thrush

 The problem of improper inhaler techniques can be solved by demonstration and training. You should ask the nurse to demonstrate the process of inhaler usage. Moreover, you should ask them to examine your inhaler technique during your appointment. The proper dose of Albuterol through inhalers, intravenous solutions or pills can eliminate the complexities related to asthma.

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