Steroids revealed: the goods and the bads of one of the most controversial substance

Due to the fact that steroids in injections or oral pills forms are actually synthetic drugs, they can help in a variety of cases but do harm at the same time. They can help people get rid of a wide range of health issues, but they can also come along with very unpleasant side effects. You don’t even have to use steroids for a long term in order to subject yourself to the risk of experiencing these side effects. Unfortunately, the bad reputation of steroids makes some people refuse such treatment, even if it may be their best option. Thus, it is more than recommended to know everything about steroids, which also includes their good side, not just their bad name.

  • The good side of steroids

Steroids are usually prescribed for inflammatory illnesses because they have the power to reduce the inflammation and alleviate pain. In this case, we are talking about corticosteroids, which were created to act in the same way as cortisol, a natural human hormone. Corticosteroids won’t help if you’re looking to bulk up and develop muscle mass and to look like Jay Cutler, but they will have if you’re suffering any form of inflammation. They come in a variety of forms from oral pills to topical creams, nasal sprays drop, and injections. The doctor will recommend the best administration form after assessing the patient’s health condition.

Believe it or not, steroids can help even in the treatment of severe conditions, such as autoimmune diseases and cancer. Unfortunately, the regular use of steroids will also increase the chances for side effects to occur. But, again, in some cases, treatment with steroids may be a much better option. Asthma patients, for example, can benefit from sprays or inhalers with steroids, which rapidly reduce the inflammation that occurs in their lungs. This way, they can breathe easier in a very short notice and experience a reduction of their discomfort.

  • The bad side of steroids

As mentioned earlier, even the short termed use of steroids can lead to the appearance of side-effects experts from France say. Among the potential side effects generated by treatment with steroids, we can mention weight gain, elevated blood pressure, nausea, glaucoma, muscle weakness, frequent mood swings, and other. The side-effects of long term use of steroids are more severe and can be thinning of the skin, cataract, loss of bone mass, infections, high blood sugar, and, in the case of women, unbalances in the menstrual cycle.

If steroids are recommended by the doctor to treat your health problem, always ask about the lowest dose possible in your case. Also, if possible, try to avoid the oral forms of this drug. Apparently, orally administered steroids present much higher risks of developing side effects even when used for short periods. If you need to use steroids for a longer period, ask the doctor whether you can take your treatment every other day, instead of daily. It would also be recommended to take supplements that will protect your bones, like calcium and vitamin D. Before starting your treatment, read the potential side-effects list mentioned on the drug’s label, so you can identify problems in an early manner. Report to your doctor any side effects related to the treatment that you may be experiencing.

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