Daily Archives: January 17, 2019

Everything you must know about Melatonin

The pineal gland located in our brain contains a hormone called melatonin. It is the hormone for the regulation of wakefulness. A point that should be noted is that it comes as a supplement namely melatonin supplement. Basically, the melatonin supplement is used as melatonin for sleep. Some things one should know about melatonin supplement have been listed below. Melatonin ...

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Dementia: Signs, care and diseases.

One of the brain diseases that are very common among the people especially the elderly individuals [evident from the age of 50 or above] is dementia. To say that it is a disease could be wrong, it is a group of symptoms which can further lead to many brain related disorders like: Alzheimbrain-related chronic neurodegenerative disease with the most common ...

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