Everything you must know about Melatonin

The pineal gland located in our brain contains a hormone called melatonin. It is the hormone for the regulation of wakefulness. A point that should be noted is that it comes as a supplement namely melatonin supplement. Basically, the melatonin supplement is used as melatonin for sleep.

Some things one should know about melatonin supplement have been listed below.

  • Melatonin for sleep is a short term treatment. It cures sleep problems like jet lag, a shift in the work schedule, etc.
  • It sometimes is used for the treatment of insomnia as well.
  • There is a possibility of people who have a problem with trouble sleeping to have a low level of melatonin in the body. The supplements are mostly taken by the mouth by putting it under the cheek or the tongue otherwise pills of melatonin are available in the market.
  • One of the best things melatonin has done is that it has helped blind people. It creates a night and day cycle for them.
  • Not only it has proven helpful for blind people but for those who have taken an initiative to quit smoking. It helps in treating the side effects of stopping smoking and for the side effects of breast or lungs or any other kind of cancer.
  • The status of melatonin has proven quite helpful in treating cancer patients and is also preferred by specialists after a heart attack by injecting it into the veins.
  • Other well-acquainted uses of this are for helping those who are going to have surgery that is anxiety before surgery, for high blood pressure, jaw pain, tumors and many more.

Things that should be taken care of while using melatonin for sleep:

  • There can be side effects of any medicine, so goes with melatonin.
  • Pregnant women and those who recently gave birth and are breastfeeding should not try or opt for it. It is harmful to them.
  • Those who are having any kind of problem with the liver or has been diagnosed with liver diseases should not use this supplement.

Some of the side effects of using it are as follows:

  • Feeling dizzy as well as nauseous.
  • One of the worst side effects of melatonin is that it may increase the cause of depression in an individual.

But when taken under proper guidance and following the accurate time period, one can decrease the chances of these side effects to negligible.

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