Why Nothing is Better Than Botox

While there are so many products that claim to provide a better alternative to Botox, the truth is that nothing can match a Jacksonville plastic surgeons Botox treatment. If you want to remove wrinkles and enjoy a younger and smoother skin, Botox represents, at the moment, your best choice. But, in order to enjoy the desired results and a high level of safety during and after the procedure, always opt for the services offered by reliable practices of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Choosing a Botox treatment that is cheaper than it should be, could expose you to a set of unwanted risks. In the lines below, you will find out why Botox is currently unbeatable and why you need to choose experienced professionals for this procedure.

  • There is no cream to match the results offered by Botox

No matter how much you choose to spend on anti-wrinkle products, none will provide the amazing results achieved with Botox. This therapeutic agent is capable of diminishing wrinkles and smoothing out skin almost immediately, leaving it firm and fresh-looking. Also, the results are long-lasting, with minimum efforts. The treatment is so effective because it works within the skin’s deeper layers. Anti-wrinkle creams and serums, on the other hand, make the skin smooth only on at the surface. So, even if your skin appears to be softer, deeper lines and wrinkles will not be addressed by anti-wrinkle products. Botox relaxes the muscles of the face, so that your skin appears plumper and smoother, without any expression or age-related wrinkles.

  • Performed by certified plastic surgeons, the treatment has minimum risks

What about the risks associated with using Botox? If you researched the subject, you probably heard about the fact that Botox is actually obtained out of a bacterium and that there are risks associated with its long-term use. The truth is that when performed by professionals and in a clean and sterile environment, there are no risks, discomforts, or dangers associated with this treatment. Yes, Botox does come from a bacterium, more precisely the Clostridium botulinum bacterium, but it is actually a purified protein extracted from the bacterium, and not the bacterium itself. An experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon will apply the smallest dose required by your skin in order to obtain optimum results. So, you should be confident that nothing will go wrong if you choose the services offered by a certified cosmetic surgeon.

  • The treatment can be customized according to your skin’s needs

Another aspect that other anti-wrinkle products can’t provide, but it is fully offered by Botox, is the possibility to enjoy a customized treatment. In other words, Botox will be used according to the needs of your skin. You can use the treatment to prevent the formation of wrinkles or significantly reduce the appearance of already-formed wrinkles. Although we are talking about injections, the treatment will be completely painless and usually lasts less than 10 minutes. The used needles are extremely small, so you won’t feel a thing. Also, there’s no downtime, so you can walk out of the clinic on your own feet right after the treatment is over.

If you literally want to turn back time and enjoy a younger skin, with no risks involved, call Daniel M. Calloway, M.D. and schedule an appointment today. His extensive experience in Plastic Surgery will allow you to enjoy a modern treatment with exceptional results.

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