How to Get Rid of a Hickey with simple Homemade Remedies

You might have heard the line “Love is Blind” and it’s true because it never sees the outcomes and consequences until you go home with hickeys or love bite marks on your neck. The bad thing about hickeys is that they appear instantly but it never goes instantly how much ever effective medicine or treatment you use. But don’t worry mate, we have some ways to get rid of a hickey fast as humanly possible.

Mix it with Tooth Brush

There are a few tricks which can reduce or conceal the hickeys and one of such tricks is mixing the marks using a toothbrush. Take a toothbrush and rub the toothbrush on the affected skin. Don’t be harsh while rubbing else you will end up with a worse situation. Gently rub the brush on the skin and try to mix the love bite marks with the nearby skin. After a few minutes you will see redness in your skin but with this redness, the purplish hickey marks will fade. Leave it for a few minutes and wait for the redness to go away. To quicken the process, you can use ice bags. This trick works almost instantly to get rid of a hickey.

Wash it with Vinegar

Vinegar especially the apple cider vinegar is considered the best for most of the skin issues and when you have hickeys, don’t forget this magical vinegar. Vinegar is something you can find in almost every kitchen. All you have to do is to get your finger or a little cotton dipped in the apple cider vinegar and gently rub it on the love bite or hickey marks. Rubbing will act like washing the hickeys from the skin and after few minutes clean the skin and you’ll observe that hickeys almost are gone. If it doesn’t, repeat this process after an hour or two and it will vanish soon.

Heal with Herb – Aloe Vera

Your skins best friend is no doubt Aloe Vera and it has some magical substance in it to treat almost all kind of skin problems. It’s cool and anti-inflammatory and that’s what you need to treat the hickeys. If you have Aloe Vera in your kitchen garden, then get a little slice of Aloe Vera and place it on the hickeys so that the skin may absorb the juice coming out of the Aloe Vera. Rub in gently for few minutes and leave it until dry and then wash it. If you don’t have Aloe Vera at home, you can use any skin lotion or cream having natural extracts of Aloe Vera. It will have the same magical effects to treat and get rid of hickey as fast as humanly possible.

Bury it in Cold

If you ask anyone about how to get rid of a hickey fast as humanly possible, the very first solution you’re going to hear is the ice cube. Ice cubes or the ice bags are easily available at almost every home and it works fast to get rid of embarrassing hickeys. Get place the ice bags or cubes where you have hickeys on your skin and keep it stick there for a few couples of minutes. If you don’t like the wet feeling of an ice cube, you can simply place a steel spoon in the freezer for half an hour and then place it on the hickeys. After just a few minutes you will see that hickeys are hardly visible now.

Hickeys appear quickly but it rarely goes instantly. Naturally, it takes almost two weeks to disappear but using the above-mentioned tricks and remedies you can get rid of a hickey within 24 hours.

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