5 Best Workouts for Weight Loss

Gaining weight is easy, all it takes is a few months of lazy behavior and some bad eating habits and you are guaranteed to pack on the pounds. If this has happened to you and you feel it’s time to turn the page on life and shed some pounds, there are many ways you can go about it. There are hundreds of weight loss diets and nutritional specialists that can assist with dieting and meal plans. There are surgical options as well as pharmaceutical prescription options for things like appetite suppressants and metabolic boosters. There isn’t a single answer that works for everyone when it comes to weight loss, but there are combinations of diet and exercise that when combined properly provide weight loss results.

We are not going to get into to all the diet plans, surgical options, and prescription appetite suppressants. Instead, we are going to talk about some of the best workouts you can try to burn those unwanted calories. Here are 5 of our favorite fitness routines that are guaranteed to burn the fat and build the muscle.

1. Running

Running has so many health benefits and yet people still don’t want to do it. There is a term called “runners high” and those that love running will tell you that there is nothing better. Running is the ultimate full body workout and endurance builder. Running can strengthen your legs, core, cardiovascular system, and improve your mental health. If you have never run a marathon, you should consider trying it. It’s one of the most challenging, and most rewarding things you may ever do.

2. Swimming

This is another amazing full body workout that is low impact and easy on the joints. Most gyms have a lap pool, but not everyone takes advantage of it. Swimming promotes full body functionality, improved breathing techniques, and a refreshing way to burn off those unwanted calories. There are many variations of distance swimming that can help you break up the repetitive nature of swimming laps. If you get bored, switch from breaststroke to a backstroke. Not only is it a change of pace, but it will strengthen other muscles you may not normally use.

3. Bike Riding

Also, low impact, unless you are into extreme mountain biking. Bike riding is a great way to get out and burn some calories while keeping the stress off your knees and ankles. Biking promotes cardiovascular health, core conditioning, builds leg muscles, and gets you outside into the fresh air. Biking can be therapeutic for many, an opportunity to travel great distances while pedaling away the fat and calories. Bike riding is also something you can do as a group activity, unlike running, many people who don’t regularly exercise own a bike and are willing to jump on and bar hop with you.

4. Crossfit

This is a little more intense and requires the body to perform at a high level. Crossfit can improve your health, strengthen your core, build muscle, and build quality values among you and your training partners. These workouts are typically done in groups, are timed, and performances are well documented. It is a competitive sport that requires a team and extreme endurance to compete. Crossfit training has gained popularity over the years and more people are leaving traditional gyms to join Crossfit gyms. The health benefits of Crossfit outweigh the potential blood, sweat, and tears you will be producing. Crossfit is a nice change of pace from traditional gyms. Classes are attended regularly by those passionate about the sport and anyone can join.

5. Martial Arts

The Martial Arts have been around forever and continue to gain popularity as combat sports continue to become more popular. There are many martial arts, and people all over the world participate in daily training classes. Taekwondo, Karate, Aikido, Jiu-jitsu, Judo, Kickboxing, Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi, Kempo Karate, Russian Sambo, Wrestling, these are all forms of Martial Arts with some being better examples than others. Wrestling isn’t usually categorized as a martial art; however, it is truly one of the most effective combat arts on the planet.

All of these things are great alternatives to boring workout routines. Finding something you love doing, and getting healthy while doing it is the key to longevity. When people get stuck doing repetitive workouts that offer no real value, it can become discouraging and many will quit at this point before getting the results they are after. It’s important to stay focused, have fun, and remain vigilant in your journey for better health.

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