Airplane Bacteria: Tips On How To Avoid Germs On An Airplane & Not Catch A Cold

Many Travelers would agree that, after flying on an aeroplane, they aren’t feeling stellar. As if the high altitude depleted their energy or the adrenaline to the start of a vacay has just worn down. Well, it turns out that it may be just a cold that you’ve contracted while flying in a germ-infested plane.

While there are many studies of airline carriers carrying the common cold, the Wall Street Journal cited a study that found an increased risk of catching a cold by as high as 20 per cent.

While there may be several reasons for the increased chances of getting sick, the Journal of Environmental Health Research accredits close quarters, shared air, and low cabin humidity.

Be Cautious Of These 3 Surfaces On A Plane

Considering a reading from the germ meter – The tray table has the most amount of microorganism content as a reading of 1,688 is obtained on the microorganism meter. The seat belt comes next with a 589 reading, followed by the armrest which scores 429.

So, what’s the takeaway for passengers looking to make it to their destination without getting sick?

Here Are Some Tips To Get You To Your Destination Without Getting Sick:

  • Always, always, and did I say always! Bring antibacterial wipes or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and wipe your surrounding areas. I start by wiping my whole seat, armrest, and seatbelt buckle then onto the table tray, ferociously wiping away like I’m Daniel Son. Wax on wax off.

  • Stay hydrated. Obviously, drinking a lot of water is recommended every day for vitality, but during flights especially, as in an aeroplane, your nose and throat are the front lines against exceedingly dry air. Avoid the water on an aeroplane. I am against bottled water, but there is no other choice as you are not allowed to bring your own filtered water.
  • Vitamins. Take your vitamins, especially vitamin C. I take vitamin C. But if you don’t take supplements, I encourage you to buy some vitamin C at least for your travels.

  • Antimicrobial Clothing. Get full protection. Not only eradicate the areas around you with sanitizer but protect your body as well. Silver clothing made by specializes in clothing made out of the actual element silver (Ag), which is naturally antibacterial. The inside of their clothing is lined with silver, which will kill 99.9 of bacteria, as well as block harmful EMF radiation. So you will also be protected by those dreaded human microwaves (body scanners).

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