Why You Need Student Dental Plans NJ

If you’re a young adult below the age of 26, health and dental insurance are the last things in your mind. Although having insurance is important, you may be covered through your parents’ health plan, as long as it covers dependents. However, you shouldn’t wait until you hit 26 years to purchase student dental plans NJ. Waiting until you’re 26 may be too late if you need an emergency dental procedure because most student dental plans NJ have long waiting periods. This explains why millennials are three times more likely than young children to lack dental care.

Importance of Student Dental Plans NJ

Although brushing and flossing your teeth after each meal can help protect your teeth from gum disease and tooth decay, you will still need to visit a dental care provider for regular cleanings and dental exams. Unfortunately, 30 percent of young adults fail to visit the dentist due to financial reasons. That’s why student dental plans NJ are a smart choice.

Regardless of whether you’re covered by your parents’ health insurance, student dental plans NJ can help manage the costs of preventive care, dental emergencies and many more. It’s especially important to have student dental plans NJ now because you may end up paying more for not visiting your dentist.

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Regularly

According to a recent study by an ADA’s research arm, 33 percent of young adults have gum problems and decaying teeth. What’s more one in every five young adults have cut on socializing mainly because of their dental problems. An additional 28 percent stated that their teeth appearance undermines their ability to go for job interviews. To avoid such occurrences, it’s important that you don’t skip your next trip to the dentist. Other reasons why you should visit your dentist include:

1. Plaque, cavities, and tartar

Anybody who has teeth can get cavities, including students. There are still small areas in the mouth that even the most diligent daily flossers and brushers will miss. With time, plaque builds up and turns into tartar which is impossible to remove without the assistance of a professional dental care provider. Regular dental cleanings will prevent the buildup of tartar on your teeth and the creation of holes through demineralization.

2. Gum disease

The buildup of plaque not only causes tooth decay but also erodes your gum tissues. This happens when tartar infects the part of the gum that connects to the tooth which causes the gum to gradually pull away from the tooth. Gum infection is referred to as gingivitis and as it progresses, the tissues attaching the gum to the tooth breaks down. After this, you will suffer from gum disease and you will experience swelling, soreness, or bleeding. Apart from gum tissue breakdown, gum disease also breaks down the bone that holds your teeth in place.

3. Early oral cancer detection

Oral cancer is a serious disease, and without knowing its early signs, it can easily progress to a life-threatening stage. Fortunately, when diagnosed early, it’s easy to treat. Your dentist knows the early signs and symptoms of oral cancer and through regular dental visits, there’s a high likelihood that your dentist will catch it in time.

Unlike dental insurance which is expensive and has long waiting periods, student dental plans NJ like DentalSave are affordable and allow you to purchase discounted dental services. Discounts often range from 20 to 50 percent depending on the type of dental procedure. These plans have become more popular than dental insurance, especially because they cover cosmetic procedures such as braces, teeth veneers, and teeth whitening.

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