3 steps on how to quite smoking

Being a smoker could be quite a stigma. Though the desire to quit might be there, the willpower to get over and done with smoking could be quite a difficult phase to go through. But you know what, you don’t have to get so sad about it, you can break that habit, do you believe? Then read on and get to know the easy way to stop smoking.

Develop a positive thought

I would say, most people are unable to break away from the strongholds of smoking because they seem to always develop negative thoughts about themselves -I just can’t do it, it is too difficult, those that got to break the habit had greater chances than me, I am just a broke smoker. But you know what, all this thought will do nothing but keep you from achieving your desire. Why don’t you start off each day with a positive thought on your mind- I am strong, I am gonna fight it, if others can break free then I also can. This will be a driving force to keep you focused as you strive to be free.

Suppressing your smoking urges

Getting to suppress your smoking urges could be quite difficult but you’ve got to stop yourself from submitting to those urges. But you’ve got to know that breaking off from those urges will take time and you have to take it a step at a time. Most of the times, those urges result from an inbuilt trigger system in you. What do I mean, something actually triggers those feeling to stir up in you- it could be feelings of hunger, the sight of cigarettes packs name it. So try to stay far away from physical triggers like cigarettes but dealing with bodily triggers like hunger would take more effort.

When those urges bubbles up in you try as much to suppress the feeling. Factly speaking, it is the mind that actually creates those uncomfortable urges, so try to as much to calm yourself during that period. After a while the urge should pass off. But mind you it would return, when it comes again repeat the process again. It will soon return again, but this time you can now give in to it if it gets too uncomfortable. Don’t be discouraged you are getting better at it. The next time get better by suppressing it up to 6-7 times. This should increase with practice.

Getting better at suppressing the urges

You could make suppressing those urges easier by rewarding yourself each day for every successful trial at not giving into the smoking urges. Rewards you can create for yourself include treating yourself to your favourite dish each day you don’t give in to your urges or you can also derive happiness from actually sharing it with your loved ones, these are good ways by which you you can stop the urges.

Alternatively, you could also better suppress your urges by creating an embarrassing consequence for yourself each time you fail. You could ask your loved ones to do the job of monitoring you in case you might try to evade the consequence on days you fail.

You could also better reward yourself by deriving reward from stopping the habit itself, how? Just think about it, each time you smoke you are damaging your health, but each time you suppress it your health is not damaged further. What does this mean, you are getting to achieve a healthier life, how good! With this thinking in mind, you can also get to more easily suppress those smoking urges.

Don’t give up yet, keep at it, you will soon get over and done with it.

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