Things You Wonder About Liposuction

What does liposuction do?

Liposuction (fat removal) that has been applied since the 80s is surgically removing persistent fat cells that cannot be reduced with diet and exercise programs. Liposuction operations are not operations under obesity treatment or with weight loss objective. The main purpose of this intervention is to shape the affected area. Surgical liposuction can be applied to any part of the body and these operations can only offer limited fat removal. In a single operation, approximately 3-4 kg fat cells can be removed.

Since it has effective body shaping results, this operation is also known as liposhaping and can be applied to the neck, double chin, breast, body, back, belly, hip, thigh, knee, and lower leg. According to statistics, women prefer belly, hip and tight region and men prefer neck, belly and waist region to remove fat cells with vacuumed liposuction.

This operation is completed under general anesthesia and a special cannula connected to a vacuum pump are used. After making millimetric cuts in an application area, cannulas are used for reaching to a subcutaneous area. Cannulas are moved backward and forward where loosened fat cells are removed from the body with a vacuum.

Who can have liposuction?

Individuals who cannot lose weight with diet and exercise although they don’t have a weight problem, individuals with regional fat deposition and individuals with good skin elasticity are good candidates for liposhaping. Anyone with a BMI higher than 25 (lower than 32), regional fat deposition problem and above 18-years of age can have lipoplasty.

Since skin elasticity will decrease with age, liposuction operations can be combined with abdominoplasty.

When will the effects of liposuction be visible?

Few weeks after the operation, post-op swelling can be visible around operation regions. This swelling is normal and after this swelling decreases, the results of liposuction will be visible. Effects will be visible within the first month and reach a maximum level 3 months after the operation. After liposhaping, wearing compression corset for a couple of weeks plays an important role in effective results.

Can I reduce cellulite with liposuction?

Sagging, cellulite, and cracks are problems due to skin elasticity. Fat removal with vacuum doesn’t have any impact on skin elasticity. Therefore, this procedure doesn’t offer a solution to skin problems.

When can liposuction be applied as treatment?

  • Lipoma: These are benign fat tumors. These can be removed with liposuction.
  • Lymphedema:  Lymph fluid accumulates and causes oedema in tissues. This generally occurs on arms or legs. This could be long-term and chronical. Lipoplasty can be applied as a treatment to decrease discomfort and pain associated with this problem.
  • Gynaecomastia:  This problem is seen in men and it is excessive fat accumulation in breast tissue. This could be visible in one or both breasts. This problem can be solved with lipoplasty.
  • Lipodystrophy syndrome: This is fat accumulation on some part of the body while losing on other parts. Bu combining liposuction and lipoinjection, proportional fat distribution can be achieved and the body can have more natural looking shape.
  • Post-obesity: Morbid obesity patients who lose at least 40{51bbaba3d6ce53b99b7489f15266163e247388d2a62b1dc75f80a6246f2f7099} of their body mass index can opt for vacuum liposuction operation to reduce anomalies of body shape.

Will there be fat accumulation after liposuction?

Fat cells are permanently removed with liposuction operation. Fat cells removed with operation will not come back but if the patient gains weight, new fat cells can be formed. Therefore, for permanent results after vacuum liposuction operation, patients should carefully control their weight. Human body constantly produced fat. For this reason, patients should follow a diet program to maintain the results of this operation. When patients care for their body, operation results will be permanent.

Does pregnancy affect liposuction results?

Pregnancy does not permanently affect liposuction results. When pregnancy weight is lost after delivery, original liposuction results can be achieved.

Vacuum liposuction operation can also be applied to fix belly contour deformed after pregnancy.

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