VG or VG high e-juices – All  that you have got to know about it

E-liquids are being sought after for different purposes. Though the purposes are many, you can safely conclude that the three main reasons for which they are seeking are to reduce the number of time a chain smoker smokes tobacco cigars, by first-time users just out of curiosity and thirdly because they enjoy vaping. But, you must note that the market is flooded with a number of cheap and premium quality e-juices that you may not be able to choose the e-liquid that you want unless you know what you can expect out of a particular type of e-liquid and if it is what you are looking for. Here again, you must note that the features of VG and VG high e liquid vape juice E-liquid Mate reviews can also be different from each other.

Features of VG and VG high e-juices

VG here refers to vegetable glycerin which is an important ingredient in the manufacturing of VG e- juices and constitutes about 90-95% of the e-juice. The special features of VG or VG high e-liquids include:

Consistency –

The VG e-Juice is slightly thicker than e-juices with propylene glycol or PG as the main ingredient. This results in slower absorption of the e-juice by the polyfills that you find inside the cartomizers.

Gunk buildup –

The gunk build up would be more when you use a VG E-juice, and it might sometimes even clog the vaporizer.

Throat hit –

The throat hit is less ina VG e-juice.

More vapor –

If you are looking for more clouds e-juice with VG is the best bet.

Flavor –

The VG e-juice is considerably sweeter than a PG e-juice.  The sweetness might sometimes reduce the effect of flavorings.

However, the allergy risks or reports of allergic reactions are minimal. Some vapers complain about phlegm buildup in the throat.

Chose the e-juice that you think would be right for you after considering the features.

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