Guide to Having Beautiful Eyelashes

Having gorgeous, head-turning eyes is all about the lashes. Learning how to frame your eyes with beautiful lashes isn’t easy, but it’s well worth it. This guide to getting your biggest, most beautiful eyelashes yet is full of tips and tricks that will turn you into a lash-sculpting pro. Our first tip? Use quality products. The best beauty products make a world of difference, which is why you never see makeup artists using discount beauty products. Keep reading to find out exactly how to get those voluminous lashes you crave (and no, the secret isn’t just wearing falsies!).

1. Use Eyelash Serum

If you ever use fake eyelashes, waterproof mascara, or eyelash curlers, you might notice your eyelashes getting thinner and sparser over time. While this doesn’t mean you have to stop using them, there are steps you can take to keep your lashes healthy. Help them grow longer and thicker again with a quality eyelash serum that you can apply either before makeup or at night, and make sure you always gently remove your eye makeup every night. Always start with a clean canvas to get your best results!

2. Treat Your Mascara Right

If you’re investing in expensive mascara, make sure you’re treating it right. Never pump the wand in and out; rather than getting more product onto the wand, you’re actually just introducing air into the tube which can dry it out. You can also warm your tube up in water to help the formula become more liquidity and less clumpy, which will make it much easier to apply! It also helps to clean your wand with warm water and soap every few weeks to get rid of buildup and clumps, as well as making the wand more effective again.

3. Curl and Apply

Curling your lashes helps them stay open and fanned out longer. Try warming up your curler with your hairdryer for a few seconds to help your eyelashes set and curl more easily. Apply your mascara by wiggling it at the base to coat every lash, and then swipe it through to the tips.

4. Add Powder and Primer

If you want to add a little oomph to your lashes, try these top secret volume-boosting tips. Apply an under-eye concealer to your eyelash to prime them, comb it through and let it dry before applying your mascara. Next, dust on some translucent powder between coats of mascara to make them even thicker and more gorgeous (didn’t you know translucent powder makes everything better?).

5. Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes (vegan) or mink lashes (non-vegan) applied directly to the natural lash, close to (but not touching) the lash line with a semi-permanent bonding adhesive.

The main benefit of opting for eyelash extensions over strip lashes is that they feel comfortable and natural. Additionally, they allow you to work with your lash technician to achieve exactly the look you want.

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