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Could the hypnotized patient remain in a trance state permanently if the therapist does not awaken him? People who undergo the process of hypnosis can leave this state at the time they wish. It should be remembered that the state of attention focus is not synonymous with falling asleep

Consequently, it is impossible to awaken someone who is not asleep, because he is already awake. The truth is that, during the hypnosis online terapi process and due to the subtraction of relaxation that is achieved, the subject could fall asleep, but this would be an absolutely conventional state and could awaken on their own without the therapist’s help.

What is necessary to take into account before undergoing hypnosis treatment?

It is common to find advertisements that offer hypnosis treatments that solve psychological and/or medical problems. Sometimes, it is difficult for the user to know on what basis to trust these ads and to have a minimum guarantee that the treatment he is receiving is appropriate in his case and he receives it from a qualified professional in the medical specialty or psychological to treat as in hypnosis.

Some aspects that should be taken into account when choosing a treatment that includes hypnosis are the following –

Is the person who offers the treatment a qualified health professional?

The person offering clinical treatments (such as treatments for smoking, obesity, anxiety, etc.) must be a health professional, that is, a person who has a valid qualification as a psychologist, doctor, nurse, etc. A way to know if a professional has this title is to ask for your collegiate number and check your data in the corresponding Official College. Also, this professional must have specific training in the field of clinical hypnosis. With Hypnos Stockholm, you do not have to think about these myths. Here, you only get the treatment what you are here for and only by the trained professionals.

Are they announcing very fast cures and even diseases such as cancer or AIDS?

All psychological or medical treatment has a process although it includes hypnosis and cannot be promised from the beginning and in an announcement for everyone that will work in a certain number of sessions (and much less in a single session), as its duration will depend on the problems of each person and the aspects to be treated. On the other hand, there is no scientific evidence that hypnosis can cure the aforementioned diseases.

Is hypnosis the only therapeutic strategy that is going to be used?

Hypnosis is not a therapy in itself, but a coadjutant that is used in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques, should be used within a larger clinical intervention, by itself, as indicated by research in this regard, is not very useful.

It should be noted here that according to scientific research, there is no evidence of being able to access past lives through hypnosis. Likewise, the use of hypnosis is discouraged for the recovery of memories, since false memories can be generated.

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