Dental Implants: Advantages and Disadvantages

The best advantage of the dental implant is that it is a permanent and permanent solution to the loss of teeth.

They are much more stable than any other alternative they could choose, such as conventional dentures, crowns or dental bridges.

Another important advantage of dental implants is that they fit more comfortably and naturally.

They adapt very well to our teeth and that is why the implants look aesthetically very well, they give a healthy and healthy aspect of our teeth, which will even increase our self-esteem (Tested by many patients).

The dental implant also improves oral health so it is easier to clean between the teeth at the moment.

In addition, placing a dental implant does not need to make modifications or adjustments in the adjacent teeth, which is a great advantage compared to a dental bridge.

An important fact: affordable dental implants have a 90{51bbaba3d6ce53b99b7489f15266163e247388d2a62b1dc75f80a6246f2f7099} success rate.

We have seen that implants have several advantages that make them better against other alternatives.

Dental implants: advantages

  • Permanent and durable
  • It is more profitable for its ability to last for many years
  • It fits naturally and does not cause discomfort
  • They look like natural teeth
  • They require minimal treatment
  • They do not affect adjacent teeth

However, not everything that shines is gold, there are also some disadvantages.

Dental implants: disadvantages

  • Implants can be somewhat expensive
  • There is a possibility that the bone rejects the implant (it is very rare)
  • Surgery can cause pain, swelling or bleeding in some rare cases
  • There may be damage to the nerves of the adjacent muscles
  • Infection due to breaks and flaccidity

The disadvantages are very few and the minimum risks, although some may seem a little more serious than others, are very rare and are regularly easy to treat and solve effectively.

It should be noted that the price of the dental implant has been placed as a disadvantage; the reason is that implants are not cheap.

Each additional procedure that is needed ads up to the final price.

Success rates depend on several factors; some of them include the size and strength of the jaw bone, as well as the place where the implant is placed.

The success rate of dental implants:

More specifically, the success rate is around 90{51bbaba3d6ce53b99b7489f15266163e247388d2a62b1dc75f80a6246f2f7099} for the upper jaw and 95{51bbaba3d6ce53b99b7489f15266163e247388d2a62b1dc75f80a6246f2f7099} for the lower jaw.

But in conclusion, because of many cases of patients, the success of a dental implant is well above 90{51bbaba3d6ce53b99b7489f15266163e247388d2a62b1dc75f80a6246f2f7099} (possibly up to 98{51bbaba3d6ce53b99b7489f15266163e247388d2a62b1dc75f80a6246f2f7099} if they are properly cared for). So they are an excellent option when it comes to replacing a tooth.

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