Eyelid Surgery Facts, Procedure, Risks

Also known as blepharoplasty, the eyelid surgery is a type of a procedure that will repair droopy eyelids, and could also involve the process of removing excess fat, skin and muscle. As we age, our eyelids will inevitably become saggy, heavier and give off that older look.

Well, if you are interested in getting this procedure done, you should talk to your surgeon, and make sure to choose a reputable clinic. You can check out the plastic surgeon Double Bay in Sydney Dr Hodgkinson or simply check out your local clinics instead.

Achieve a youthful appearance with an eyelid procedure.

Besides your eyes making you look older, there are also medical issues that could be caused by severe sagging skin around your eyes; such as blurred vision. In this case, your insurance might cover all or at least a part of the surgery cost. However, make sure to know this before going through with the procedure.

Having a consultation

Before you can decide whether this procedure is meant for you or not, you should have a proper consultation with your doctor, and discuss the end goals. What are you looking for, what do you want? In some cases, you might be recommended to have other procedures done as well. Usually, the first consultations will be free, but this also depends on the hospital.

Why is it done?

As it was already mentioned, the skin around your eyes will start to sag eventually, and if you are looking for a way to achieve that younger appearance you should consider having the eyelid surgery. Removing the excess tissue from the eyelids can also improve your vision, but this procedure is usually done for aesthetic purposes instead.

This surgery is good for those who have:

  • Droopy or baggy eyelids.
  • Excess skin on the lower eyelids, or upper eyelids that could interfere with your sight.
  • Bags under your eyes.

Your eyes can really change your appearance.

You might have this procedure done at the same time as another procedure, which is why it is important to have a consultation with your doctor. If you are interested, you can check out the eyelid surgery Sydney according to Dr Hodgkinson, or talk to your local hospital instead.

There are many reasons why people undergo this procedure, and the usual reason includes wanting to get some of their youth back. This is why this procedure is often done with other procedures. The consultation is important because you need to learn more about this procedure, the risks, and all of that, because every procedure, no matter how small, carries some risks.

Final word

Some of the possible risks of the eyelid surgery include infection, bleeding, irritation, difficulty closing your eyes, scarring, skin discoloration and so on. This is something to be discussed with your doctor before you actually have the surgery. You could also end up with temporary blurred vision or the need to have a follow up procedure. Talk to your doctor!

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