Loose Tooth: How Soon Should You Go To A Dentist?

Dealing with a loose tooth is more common with younger children who still believe in the Tooth Fairy, but loose tooth can also happen to adults with permanent teeth. The loosening of a permanent tooth can be the result of an accident which damaged the tooth or because of dental neglect, whichever the reason behind this dental emergency, it must be addressed by a dentist as soon as possible.

Although it is advised that patients see their emergency dentist Reston VA based practitioner at once, the dentist might not be available right away. Here are some facts about handling a loose permanent tooth that will help you possibly save it from extraction:

When Should You See Your Dentist?

It is in your best interest to call your dentist right away as soon as you detect a loose tooth. Do not be afraid that this will result in extensive and expensive dental work, in most cases it does not. An emergency dentist Reston VA will administer first aid and do their best to ensure your tooth heals sooner without adding to the damage.

However, when your dentist is out of the office or cannot attend to you right away, schedule the appointment as soon as possible. When booking the appointment let the dental office know of your situation so that they can make room for you in their busy schedule right away.

What To Do While Waiting To For Your Dentist

Once your appointment is set you have to be extra careful when treating the loose tooth. Here are a few guidelines to follow to prevent additional damage before you can get proper dental treatment:

#1: DO NOT Touch The Tooth

Yes, it can be tempting to touch or prod the loose tooth with tongue once in a while, but avoid this at all cost. Too much fiddling around can result in the permanent tooth coming off its socket. If this occurs, there is no way to save the tooth without extensive dental procedures.

#2: DO Only Eat Soft Food

As you wait to see your dentist for treatment, of course, you still need to eat. During this time it is best to only eat soft food and avoid food that requires forceful biting or eating anything sticky and crunchy. Hard and sticky food will only damage your tooth further.

#3: Clean Your Tooth

If there are food particles make sure to gently brush and floss the loose tooth to keep it clean. Always rinse your mouth to clear away the food particles and make sure nothing is trapped in between.

Treatment Options

The sooner you can see your dentist for treatment, the more options you will have to fix the loose tooth. Treatment type will vary depending on the severity and cause of the damage. Most common options are tooth splitting where the tooth is bonded to neighboring teeth and implants when the loose tooth can no longer be saved.

Do not delay treatment for loose tooth because the longer you wait, the more serious the problem becomes.

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