The Psychological Impacts of Workplace Injuries

Being injured at work can play a huge role in mental health. Not only does an injury affect your physical capabilities, but it also has psychological effects. Our ability to perform our jobs and other physical activities well is huge morale boost, whether we’re aware of it or not. If a physical injury strips us of that ability, there can absolutely be an impact on our mental health.

Workplace injuries that inhibit us from performing physical activities can lead to mental stress and feelings of depression. What are some of the impacts on mental health a person who’s injured may experience?

Sadness and Isolation

After an initial injury, it’s common to feel isolated from others. Learning to cope with the inability to complete certain tasks at home, go to work, or do other physical activities can be difficult to get used to. Always try to remember that you’re surrounded by people who love and support you.

Irritation and Frustration

When sadness passes, the inability to live life the way you did prior to your injury can create feelings of anger, frustration, and irritation with others around you. It’s more important than ever during this time to have patience with yourself and your healing process.

Lack of Motivation

The healing process tends to have its way of never being quick enough, no matter how fast you actually are improving. As more time passes without being able to work, a sense of defeat may begin to set in. The more defeated we feel, the less motivation we have to improve. This creates a vicious cycle that can be difficult to escape.

Sleep Disturbance

The emotional responses that depression may bring forth can also cause a disturbance to our sleep patterns. It’s not uncommon to experience difficulty sleeping when feelings of depression arise. Nor is it uncommon for those struggling with depression to struggle with insomnia as well.

Overall Disengagement

Disengaging entirely is another emotional response can that can stem from feelings of depression. Though slightly more extreme, it’s still seen often. It’s so important for those experiencing a lack of motivation and the desire to disengage to be surrounded by loved ones and constantly encouraged for how far they’ve come.

What Can Be Done?

As discouraged as you may feel, it’s crucial to maintain a practice of gratitude. Writing down just three things each morning that you’re grateful for has been scientifically proven to improve overall mood and wellbeing. Remain patient with yourself, and give yourself the time your body needs to heal completely.

Workplace injuries have far more than just a physical effect. The psychological impacts can take a huge toll on mental health.

According to, seeking medical attention after a workplace injury should always be your first step. Keep in mind that you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills or necessary therapy as well. It’s so important to reach out for help after an injury. Remember that you are not alone and you have a strong team of family and friends in your corner!

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