Botox Injections and Overactive Bladder: A Brief Guide

The Botox injection procedure is constantly talked about on social media. It is also engrained in the pop culture world of today. But did you know that the typical Botox injection also has other medical uses? It is not only a cosmetic procedure that is used to improve the appearance of people. The Botox injection also improves how people live on a day to day basis. For example, some people have issues with incontinence of the bladder. Also known as a leaky bladder, the use of Botox injection may help suppress the weakened muscles surrounding the bladder and eliminate the possibility of leakage on a regular basis.

What Botox does for an overactive bladder

To learn what the Botox injection procedure does for an overactive bladder, it is important to understand what people go through when they have an overactive bladder. The condition is best characterized by a persistent and strong urge to suddenly go to the bathroom, sometimes going too often. The bladder, in this case, contracts on an uncontrollable basis and causes these symptoms.

On the inside, the overactive bladder is not just indicative of a weak bladder. The condition is actually a deficit of the nerves of the bladder. The nerves are mainly affected, sending their signals to the bladder when they are not supposed to send those signals. As a result, the bladder muscles often start to squeeze without any regard and causes the bladder to leak or feel like leaking at inopportune times.

Botox injections for overactive bladder can help relieve these symptoms. The Botox injection for overactive bladder procedure starts with a licensed Botox in Toronto professional in a clinic. The Botox professional generally performs the procedure by directly injecting the Botox into the muscles of the bladder. The bladder is first flushed out by the use of a catheter and local anesthesia, a process that helps numb the bladder. A scope is inserted into the urethra and passes through the bladder; through the scope, a small needle is inserted to allow the Botox in Toronto professional to administer the Botox into the general area.

The results of Botox injections for overactive bladder

After receiving the Botox injection for overactive bladder procedure, most patients see considerably positive results. In most cases, the results appear after a period of one to two weeks. Patients who receive the Botox injection for overactive bladder typically experience less leakage during that particular time frame. One Botox injection treatment for an overactive bladder also provides as much as six to eight months of relief for most overactive bladder symptoms. Once the Botox treatment begins to wear off, the patient eventually returns to their Botox doctor in Toronto to get more treatment to relieve returning symptoms. In most cases, patients are advised to wait up to three months before returning for additional treatment.

Before seeking Botox injections for an overactive bladder, prospective patients should research their options. Many medical professionals who provide Botox in Toronto treatments for overactive bladder will sit with prospective patients for a full consultation before getting started with the procedure.

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