11 Tips On How To Clean And Properly Care For Your Braces

Braces were once seen as a sign of someone who isn’t cool, but today people now understand that these are necessary for your dental health and also future appearance. Although more people have embraced and accepted that braces are just a normal part of proper dental care there is no denying that it can still be a burden.

Caring for your teeth and braces is no doubt hard and complicated during the first few days, but you will get used to them with each passing day. As a precaution, here are a few care tips for your recently installed Braces Raleigh NC:

1. Soft Foods Are Your Best Friend

During the first couple of days after getting the braces and after getting them tightened only eat soft foods. This way you don’t risk damaging the braces or hurting yourself while chewing.

2. Limit The Sugar

Foods full of sugar will cause tooth decay and since you have braces on, it is more difficult to fully clean your teeth. Limit your intake of sugary food and drinks to just once a day and stick to a low sugar diet instead.

3. Don’t Smoke!

Tobacco will stain your teeth and since you cannot whiten your teeth with braces, the stain will stay stuck for longer causing unsightly discoloration.

4. Flossing Is A Must

Before going to bed each night, take the time to floss your teeth. Use a floss threader to help you get under and over the braces to ensure your flossing is effective.

5. Invest In An Interdental Toothbrush

Braces Raleigh NC experts will always recommend patients to invest in a high-quality interdental toothbrush to help clean under and around the braces and between the teeth. However, just be gentle when using the toothbrush to avoid damaging the braces.

6. Mouthwash Is A Must

Use a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash to reduce gum inflammation while also helping the mouth heal sooner. Plus, using the mouth rinse four times a day will ensure your mouth is thoroughly cleaned.

7. Actively Use Fluoride

A fluoride gel applied to the teeth kills bacteria to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

8. Stay Away From Whitening Products

Although the whitening products will whiten your teeth, the spots under the braces will remain a few shades darker which isn’t the effect we want.

9. Always Carry A Cleaning Kit

Whether you are at school or at the office, take time to clean your teeth after eating. Even just the basic cleaning kit will help prevent food from getting stuck in between the wires and causing damage.

10. Check For Broken Wires

The moment you notice any loose brackets or broken wires, call your Raleigh dentist at once to schedule a repair. If the wires are left unfixed they can hurt the mouth by causing wounds and sores to form.

11: Go To ALL Follow-Up Appointments

Never skip a follow-up appointment. If it cannot be avoided, reschedule another appointment as soon as possible.

Be sure to listen to your dentist and follow their aftercare tips to ensure your braces help you and not harm you.
Braces Raleigh NC helps you regain that perfect smile and confidence. If you’re considering to get braces, you have the choice of getting traditional, clear, or Invisalign.

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