How To Take Care Of Your Dental Implants: 7 Things To Remember

Dental implants are considered to be the most durable among all missing teeth replacement options. In fact, they are even stronger than natural ones. Nonetheless, this doesn’t warrant that they won’t get broken over time. There are several reasons why dental implants Burke may fail, but by knowing how to take care of them properly — this mishap can be avoided.

The Dental Implant Advantage

Before discussing how dental implants should be taken cared of, know first why many dental patients prefer this option when replacing their missing tooth or teeth.

They are the most natural looking

They are durable and easy to maintain

They are more comfortable and convenient

They can make eating (or chewing) much easier compared with other options

They don’t usually cause difficulty when speaking

Dental Implant Care: Important Tips

How do you ensure your dental implants stay durable and functional? Follow these seven important tips:

Clean them regularly

The most fundamental rule (even if you’re set of natural teeth is still complete) is observing proper hygiene. But if you’ve recently got your dental implants in Burke, you should be extra careful. Brush them two times a day, and each brushing should last from two to three minutes.

Use an appropriate toothbrush

When brushing your teeth and your dental implants, keep in mind that an appropriate toothbrush must be used. Dentists recommend using those with soft bristles — this way, you can gently remove plaque from your teeth. Others recommend using specifically designed brushes so you can clean hard-to-reach areas.

Floss thoroughly

Brushing your teeth is often not enough, this is why dentists advise the use of dental flosses. By thoroughly flossing, you can get rid off any plaque and/or food particles that got stuck in between your teeth and dental implants. Just make sure that when you floss, you are gentle so as not to cause any damage on your mouth and gums.

Avoid consuming too much sugar

Though dental implants don’t decay, eating too many sweets can cause the buildup of plaque, which in turn can lead to gum disease. This can weaken oral health and encourage bacterial growth in your mouth.

Avoid sticky foods

Foods that are sticky and hard to chew (like candy, ice, and dry fruit) can make your dental implant structure weaker. This doesn’t only affect your implants but also the opposing natural teeth.

Avoid vices like smoking and alcohol

Especially in the period of six months after you got your dental implants, Burke, you have to strictly avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. These habits not only slow down the healing process, but they can also bring harm to your overall oral health.

Visit your dentist regularly

Last but definitely not least, you have to visit your dentist regularly and have your teeth checked up. Experts recommend visiting them at least twice a year. You should also book an appointment if you feel unexpected pain and notice unusual things (like bleeding or loosening of dental implants).

Dental implants Burke is the most natural-looking option for replacing your missing teeth. If you want to learn more, contact our team at Northern Virginia Oral, Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery.

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