Collagen Powder Vs Collagen Peptide: Which One You Should Buy

“Collagen” seems like this is one word that we will hear over and over again—at least as far as beauty and bone health is concerned. In case you have no clue what collagen is, it is a chain of amino acids that enhance the health of the skin, bones, and connective tissue in the body. This structural protein is what makes the skin elastic, firm, and youthful.

It is formed from thousands of amino acids, which are commonly found in collagen supplements, meat products, bone broth and dairy foods—no wonder people have gone bonkers about these supplements.

Here’s the ugly yet true fact about collagen: its production declines with age, and that explains why older people have wrinkles, weak joints, and fragile bones.  Thankfully, you can reverse aging substantially by ingesting collagen supplement in the form of pills and powders. Essentially, these are made from fish scales, cow bones, or skin and can help pump some amino acids into your body and enhance a ripple effect of more collagen production.

Let’s talk about collagen powder and peptides. These are two common supplements in the market and which people seem to buy the most. What are they and how do they differ?

Collagen Peptides

Peptides are tiny bioactive peptides derived through the hydrolysis of collagen (breaking down of bonds between peptides and collagen strands). The process of hydrolysis reduces protein fibrils into tinier peptides also known as collagen hydrolysate or hydrolyzed collagen.

In essence, these peptides are obtained by breaking full-length molecules so that they can be easily absorbed by the body since they have shorter amino acids than gelatin and collagen. After absorption, these peptides will tour the entire body, rebuilding and repairing certain tissues and cells.

They will also be transported to different tissues to aid in the build-up of full-length collagen components which will, in turn, be used to repair the bones, joints and the skin. The cells can also utilize amino acids to produce energy.

Peptides come in pills or capsules made from a mixture of gelatin and water. Since they have no excipients, preservatives, and additives, they are relatively safe for human consumption.

Collagen Powder

Much like peptides, collagen powder is mainly hydrolyzed collagen molecules. The only difference is that it comes in powder form. It is a loose powder sold in a packet or tub that readily dissolves in a wide variety of consumables such as drinks, smoothies, and food.

Which One Should You Buy?

The option on whether to purchase collagen peptides or powder ultimately depends on your preference. One of the reasons powders are more popular is that it is versatile.

You have the freedom to choose how to ingest it to meet your goals. It can be added to virtually everything from coffee, water, and even your omelet. Once the time for taking it comes, you only need to pop it into your drink or meal and go about your business.

Some companies have created super blends by adding some functional ingredients such as hyaluronic acid (a naturally-occurring which enhances moisture absorption in cells and thus promoting a healthy skin). You will also come across flavored blends that can change your plain water into a yummy cocktail.

The only disadvantage with some collagen powders in the market is in the taste. Some people claim that it is a bit harsh for them. Luckily, there are plenty of tasteless options such as the biooptimal collagen powder on

When it comes to capsules, the biggest advantage is that you are spared from the constant shaking, stirring and adding it to your meals/drinks (sometimes it alters the taste). The only problem is that you will have to take plenty of pills to meet your body’s requirements. If you aren’t a fan of shoving pills down your throat, this will present a huge challenge in the long run.

Collagen production hits a snag after the age of 25. Every year after that, its synthesis rate drops by 1.5%, which means that by the age of 45, your supply will have reduced by up to 30%. If you want to promote the health of your bones and joints and look nice forever, your best shot is to take collagen supplements. Both powders and peptides work. In the end, your choice will be determined by your convenience and preference.

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