Choosing the Best Foundation for Your Skin Type 

The type of foundation you put on your face can greatly affect your overall make-up. When it comes to selecting a foundation for your face, you have to consider your skin type. It is important to match the foundation with your skin type so that you can get the best of what foundation has to offer.

1. Foundation for people with oily skin

If you have oily skin, then you should wear the oil control foundation [รองพื้นคุมมัน, which are the term in Thai]. People with oily skin struggle a lot to keep their skin powdery rather than oily. With the right foundation, you can say goodbye to oily skin. Gone are greasy days and all that’s left is dewy and fresh skin. Another important tip is to wear a lightweight moisturizer before applying the foundation. It will keep your skin moisturized even if you are going to wear the foundation all day long.

2. Foundation for people with a combination skin

People with a combination skin type have oily T-zone or the area across the forehead, nose, and chin. Their skin is not that oily but can become oily by midday. Normally, the skin becomes oily when the weather is humid and can become normal to dry during the cooler month. For people with this skin type, they can still benefit from wearing an oil control foundation. To dab off excess oil, it would be best if you are going to keep blotting papers. An oil-free stick foundation can help too.

3. Foundation for people with dry skin

People with dry skin experience excess flaking, especially during winter months. You know if you have dry skin when your skin feels tight after washing. Your skin has no shine too, especially after a few hours after washing. If you have dry skin, you can go for a regular foundation but make sure you apply a moisturizer first. You might also want to consider wearing an oil-based liquid foundation and creams. Just make sure that the foundation is made from natural oils.

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