Various Medicinal Applications of Pearls

Pearls are known for its elegant appearance but surprisingly it has plenty of medicinal applications too. As a matter of fact, people of Asian countries have been using these pearls as medicines for centuries

You may read this post in order to get more info about its various medicinal applications.

Officially, the earliest report was available from 2 different sources of the thirteenth century. One German monk called Herr. Albertus Magnus reported that pearls have the ability to heal mental diseases, hemorrhage and dysentery, and love sickness.

Another learned person called Alfonso also believed that pearls can be used as medicine for cleaning and purifying the blood, and he recommended to use it in order to fight against depression or any other ailment that is caused by sadness

Pearls dissolve in vinega

In the 17th century, ‘Aqua Perlata’ was considered as an elixir which was recommended in order to restore strength and also to combat fever. It was claimed to be nearly strong enough to resurrect the dead.

This medicine had pearls dissolved in vinegar. Once the pearls were dissolved, the fresh lemon juice too was further added, and this mixture was decanted in a new container where a touch of strawberry, cinnamon water, rose water and borage flower was also added.

Further, it was sweetened by adding sugar. Also, it was recommended to cover the glass when drinking this Aqua Perlata, so that no essence would escape.

Pearl Powder

In modern medicine to pearls are used. Though in Western countries it is not very common but in China, Japan and India people have been using these pearls medicinally for long years and still continue to do it

Those pearls which are having lower gem quality are usually ground upconverted to pharmaceutical calcium powder. These pearl powders are used as very common Chinese medicine.

Pearl powder can be used for skin treatment in order to cure skin problem like acne, treating complexion, reducing aging signs, etc. Also, it is approved by the FDA of China to be used for internal use.

They are supposed to offer benefits like building up our immune system, prevent diseases, improve vision, promotes tissue regeneration, stop convulsions and also calm the mind.

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