A Good Look at Beta Alanine Supplement and How It Benefits the Body

If you are in the market for a fitness supplement that can help you hit the gym longer and harder, then you’ve probably heard about beta-alanine supplements. The latter has been widely recommended by fitness experts and for a good reason.

Beta-alanine is one of the few naturally occurring non-essential and non-proteinogenic amino acids in the body. While the latter doesn’t contribute to building proteins, beta-alanine benefits the body differently by acting as a precursor to carnosine. This is important because having more carnosine allows the muscles to train harder and longer.

Are beta-alanine supplements really necessary?

Beta-alanine can be naturally obtained through protein-rich foods such as fish, beef and other lean meats. That said, it is challenging to consume enough of these foods to supply the body with enough beta-alanine during an intense workout. To understand why it is necessary to get a good grasp of how does beta-alanine work.

In itself, beta-alanine does not have any performance-enhancing benefit. When supplementing with the latter, you can increase carnosine levels by as much as 80%. This increases the quantity of work you can put your muscles through by a substantial margin.

Now you might be wondering — why not use carnosine supplements instead? The latter certainly has its’ benefits, such as treating signs of aging and preventing diabetes complications. Unfortunately, the body has a tendency to break down these compounds easily, which makes it less efficient as a workout supplement.

How do beta-alanine supplements work?

Beta-alanine has been revealed to increase strength and endurance in efficiency athletes and might help the elderly by enhancing brain activity and energy levels. One of its significant results that add to its appeal as a sports supplement is the capability to buffer lactic acid. As you may already know, the latter is a byproduct of cellular metabolism that especially accompanies intense workout.

When the body is exposed to high strength workout, it produces lactic acid, which signals that energy is getting low. A beta-alanine supplement can buffer lactic acid, which is what provides it such a significant benefit to strength and efficiency. It has been shown to increase the results of creatine on energy output and stamina.

How to use beta-alanine supplements?

Most people take up to grams of beta-alanine per day to increase your carnosine levels in the body. To accelerate the muscle absorption, you may want to “load” with 6 grams of beta-alanine during the first week.

If you are trying to find something to stack it with, Beta-alanine has been shown to work incredibly well with modbiotics like Gutright. The price of Gut right may bump up the cost of your workout supplements but ultimately well worth it. For one thing, the body can absorb nutrients from your diet and any fitness supplement that you might be taking.

Are there any side-effects?

Beta-alanine supplements are generally safe, and many health studies have found that there are no changes to the body’s hormone markers. That said, you might discover a tingling of the skin in the beginning when using beta-alanine – this usually goes within two weeks and causes no long-term health risks.


In summary, the impacts of beta-alanine are increased strength and muscle mass. The higher your tiredness threshold, the longer and harder you can undertake your workout. If these are qualities that you are looking for, then you cannot go wrong with beta-alanine supplements.

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